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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dragon Encounter Fini?

I don't mean to draaaag this out, (Pun in- tended)  but after looking at my En- counter With a Dragon doodle I knew that it needed just a bit more work.  You can scroll down to make a comparison.  The main thing I did was darken the sky.  So, maybe, I'm done with it.  At least it feels like it's done.

Anyone interested in purchasing an original bit of art?  It's drawn on an13.5x11 piece of paper—pen and ink.  For a mere $30, plus $5 shipping, this bit of doodlery can be yours.  Why so cheap?  Two reasons:  1. My doodles don't seem to sell when I charge more, and 2. I can be bought.  At least my doodles can.

Contact me at green_rick@juno.com and we'll get this dragon in the mail.


clew said...

Looks great, Rick! Have you ever thought about making/publishing a coloring book? The more "sophisiticated" ones, like Ruth Heller, Richard Doyle, A.G. Smith, etc. I think your artwork would be perfect for something like that.

Best wishes!

Rick said...

To Clew: Thank you Clew. I guess I've never heard of them. I'll go some "googling".

Joe said...


Been a while since we last talked, I moved the ol' blog over to a new blogspot and just wanted to stop by and say hey. Was looking at the drawing you did for me a while back with the video game characters and it is still one of the coolest objects in my room, next to the Star Trek phone of course lol.

Glad to see your still blogging away and I will be sure to stop by more often in the near future.

Old Blogger Buddy Joe