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Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Bridge Called Grace

A friend sent me this set of illustrations depicting the concept of following Jesus' directive to "carry your cross."  I've seen it before, perhaps you have too. The problem that I have with it is that it is wrong. It's hard to see but in the images we see a man carrying his cross.  He complains that the cross is too heavy so he whittles it down a couple of times to make his burden lighter.  In the end we see that it is the person that dutifully carries the full weight of their cross to the end that is able to cross the gap. The one man's cross is now too short to cross it. The problem is that's bad theology. The Bible tells us that we can't do anything to earn our salvation.  We are able to gain access to the Father only by His grace—which is appropriated for us by placing our faith in him.  I responded to my friend's e-mail by sending back to him this Bible doodle I drew sometime ago. In the background you see a bridge that the man tried to build himself. In the trash can are the plans for his bridge that he discarded because his efforts are turning into a disaster.  With hammer still in hand he contemplates the idea of crossing the bridge of grace already provide for him.  I don't a lot of "preaching" on this blog, but it is my recommendation that you cross that bridge for yourself. I did and have never regretted doing so.
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Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

Thanks so much for this awesome reminder!

Mari said...

Great doodle! It tells the message much better than the other one.

Anonymous said...

The cartoon passed on from your friend is very sad indeed.

I'm so thankful for grace and that the way has been made for me not through my own strength, but only through the blood!

Great doodle Rick!!! Your spiritual ones are always my favorites!

renman said...

Wow - so succinctly sums it all up!

(BTW - is this a Copy & Share if You Dare doodle?)

Rick said...

To Renman: Yes

renman said...


and after you finish the Sunk children's book, you REALLY should consider a whole book Divine Doodles -- artistic musings on verse of scripture.

I could see these being used in church bulletins and newsletters all over the place (and I'm sure there a are some brave banner makers who could do them up too!)

Thanks again for sharing your faith through your doodles.

Mike said...

Amen...well stated Rick. Thank you!

Terry said...

THAT'S what i am talking about doodling rick!...this is a godly site. i do the same. i just put in a little bit here and there on my blog about jesus and his great love for us. we don't have to be preaching because the people just watch us and boy they must see that christians have a great and fun time and we are not long faced, eh? no boredom at all!
i still am hoping that at midnight your time and three in the morning southern ontario time that i will hear the good news of your victory!...love terry