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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Earth Day

This is a reposted doodle, but perhaps there are some of you that haven't seen it and would like a chance to use it on your own blog.  Earth Day is April 22.  I believe that it's our God given responsibility to take care of the one earth that He has given us.  Go ahead then—be a little green.  I've been Green for years and it's kept me in good stead.

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Amy said...

I appreciate your PO very much the picture with the article. Continues to refuel!!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

i click the vote button but nothing happens Rick. I have tried a few times today....or am I just asleep at the wheel?

Rick said...

To Peggy or Peg: You're not the only one that's told me that. I've experienced the same thing. It's a frustrating and a bit embarrassing to tell people to vote and then they can't. I have no explanation other than that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Grrrr... Thank you for trying.

P.S. I'm looking forward to send you your doodle. I got it all ready yesterday—both the real one and the digital one.

Stephanie said...

I like the quote you said about we should take care of this earth God gave us... Happy earth day!