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Monday, April 26, 2010

This Is Art!!!

Peggy (or Peg, if you prefer) wrote me about creating a new header for her blog.  She said...
I have a blog that has been giving me fits with my header. All of a sudden today the photo is off and I can’t get it centered again. I have even tried to change the photo all together but it is not cooperating with me. I have had it!!!  So I have decided that maybe you can doodle me a blog template instead to elevate this problem all together.

Here is the photo I love that I scanned. I love it because it so captures some of our life.  I don’t care that the photo’s looks like us as much as a photo of a woman, a man and a dog. That is my life. What I love about this photo as I said it is just so us.  My hubby loves to fish and I love to sit on the boat and drink wine while sunning and keeping him company.  But our young lab comes with us now.

Peggy (or even Margaret, if you're the kind that prefers that) also sent me a photo of their lake house, and of the lake where all this fishing, sunning, and alcohol consumption takes place.  

In addition she sent me this peculiar—"who is that masked woman" photo of herself.  She didn't care if the characters in the illustration looked like her, but I liked having something to work off of.  Nice eyes Peg.  I did a little research on her blog and discovered that her husband was a Yankees fan.  Then I went to work.  This is what I came up with...

I liked how this one turned out.  Peggy apparently liked the results too.  She wrote...

Hey Rick THIS LOOKS FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wow.  I don’t recall sending you anything with me and you got my hair down.  (Apparently she forgot about her fairly unrevealing photo)  All of it man. It is perfect. I just called my husband upstairs and he was blown away! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I will tell everyone on the blogs about you and give them your link!!!  God I am so exicted it is like Christmas in April. “Doodles” my ass – this is art!!!!

Now THAT'S the kind of response that I like to get.  Did you see all of those exclamation marks?  Over the top, I'm telling you.  Peggy quickly made it her blog header.  It fits there very well.  Please click over there and leave a little comment or two.  We bloggers, as most of you are, love receiving those comments.

Thank you Peggy for your MOST kind comment about the doodle (or "art" if you prefer).  I had fun putting it together for you.  I hope it graces the header of your blog for many days to come.


In other news:  I appreciate all of you who have voted for my blog at BlogInterviewer.com. Many are telling me that it often won't let them vote everytime, even if the required 24 hours has lapsed, but many are getting through.  Supposedly you can vote once a day.  The contest goes until the end of April.  I'm in second and catching up on first, with third not far behind. So, keep on clicking.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

You're a hoot! Thanks again. I got the original late yesterday.
I can't wait to frame it.

Happy Tuesday.

smArtee said...

I know Margaret.She is awesome...!.Wow I love that..!that could be me too..!