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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ann's Flower Power

Ann is another good friend.  She is one of those kind of people that is so nice it makes you wonder what she's been up to.  This is a photo of her stating next to my wife, Marylynn.  (They both are vertically challenged) 

Ann is the choir director at our church, plus she plays the guitar and sings.  That makes her a triple threat, I guess.

When I first thought about doodling her I was thinking about drawing her as the flying, singing nun.  But, after further thinking, I decided to turn Ann into a flower child tiptoeing through the tulips.

I gave Ann her illustration at the same get-together where I presented Gene (previous post) with his.  In Ann's own words she said that it will be something that she treasures.  I told her that I wanted to see it over the mantel of her fireplace.  Then she told me she didn't have a fireplace.  So, then I told her to hang it in her bathroom.  She just laughed.  (I think that means no.)

I have a "Copy & and Share" Christmas doodle coming next—just in time for the holiday.  So stay "tooned."


~Ginger said...

In her bathroom? Now that would be something!

Alice said...

you did a great job on this, rick! it looks just like her and i love the theme :) so much fun!

grammie of 3 said...

Oh I love Miss Ann and her drawing is great too. I wish I could've been there to see her reaction. I like Gene's too.

JoeyRes said...

That is a really cool gift! Who wouldn't love a portrait like that?

~SHANNON~ said...

Wow- you are SO SO talented!I have been looking around your blog for the last 20 minutes, and marveling at how awesome your sketches are! Go you!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog as well! The best part of that for me, is getting a chance to see other peoples blogs too. And sometimes I discover a gem- like yours!

I'm your newest follower!
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