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Monday, December 14, 2009

Gene, Gene-Ridin' an American Machine

I've been working on Christ- mas gifts lately.  So some of my work I can't post until after Christmas.  But here's one of two gifts that I gave out just this evening.

Gene is a good friend and one of my riding buddies.  I wanted to create something special for him.  He rides a big 'o Harley but recently he told me that he's going to be building a chopper out of a defunct motorcycle that he purchased.  So, when I was thinking about creating a doodle for him I thought, "Why not put him on the most famous chopper in history—the Captain America bike." The motorcycle made famous in the movie Easy Rider.  I think it's a very boring movie, but it has it's moments.  Like this scene, for example.

We're looking for our family being together for Christ- mas. Our youngest comes home for her first Christmas while away at college this week.  We're praying for clear-dry roads on Friday as she makes the 12 hour trip back from Idaho.  Gene opened his gift during a party we were hosting.  I think that it was well received by all the guest, and Gene seemed happy with his doodle.

Daughter number two comes home on the 23rd, and our number one girl with son-in-law number one coming in the day after Christ- mas.  So, at some point we will get to all be together again.  I am really looking forward to having them all together tucked away in their beds at night.  It's a father thing.


MapDoc said...

Yup, that be "happy" Gene!
Greetings from the California desert.

BlueRose said...

I like MapDoc come from the Ca desert as well, Happy Holidays to you and your family. I would like to have our kids stop by that doesn't happen, so I know just how that parent thing goes!!!! Kat