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Monday, December 28, 2009

A Polar Adventure

Kathy & Dan are good friends. Kathy wanted an illustration of Dan's brother and wife. She said that they love to cruise. They have been on 2 to Alaska and are going on East coast up into Canada.

The whole Alaska idea appealed to me. I wanted to include the Northern Lights—the Aurora Borealis for you polar experts.  Thus, the setting at night.

(Here's a trivia question for you: Is there such a thing as Southern Lights, and if so, what are they called? Google it.)

Just a note about the above photo. I've include Dan and Kathy's daughter, Dani, making the face because, well, she deserves it. Believe me, she does.  She laughed at me one time when a chair broke out from under me.

This was a fun doodle for me.  I haven't heard the response yet.  Kathy is a frequent visitor of my blog, so be sure to leave a comment.


grammie of 3 said...

YES, Dani does deserve it. Bob and Marion, love their picture. They had their internet blow out on Christmas Eve and just got it back up. I just talked to her and she said they framed it today and hung it in their bedroom. Expect a comment from her because I just told her this evening that she could access your blog through mine.

Vanessa Rogers said...

I've always wanted to go on an Alaskan cruise, but I hate the cold. ;)

♥Possum Princess♥ said...

AWESOME drawing!

Trivia question answer: Aurora Australis!

Rick said...

To the Possum Princess Good job Possum! You get an A+!!

grammie of 3 said...

I am unable to leave a message on his blog. Would you please post the following for me? Thanks!

Hi! This is Marion, Dan & Kathy's sister-in-law. Yes, we love the caricature! That was perfect for us! If we ever get the opportunity to go on another cruise we want to go back to Alaska! Thank you so much for making such a special picture for us! That is one we will cherish!