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Saturday, December 26, 2009

HaHa and Her Zoo

This isn't the first time that Jodi requested a doodle from me.  I like having repeat customers.  That means they were really happy with the first creation

This time Jodi wanted an illustration of her mother for a Christmas gift.  About her mother she wrote...

"She lives alone with her pets, she LOVES them. Her sweet calico cat died 2 weeks ago. She had Callie for over 17 years. She also has a 3 legged boxer named Jeff. A boxer mix named Ginger. And 2 horses (one horse is over 30 years old). She keeps telling friends that she will meet Callie on the 'rainbow bridge.'"

"She has 2 daughters (me and my sister) and 5 grandchildren. I did not want pictures for all these people, just maybe their initials somewhere, like inside flowers or something? I am a "J" and so is my sister. Then the grand kids are C,K,C,K, and B."

So with photos in hand, I went to work on the caricature.  Drawing animals isn't too very hard for me.  I actually don't like drawing horses.  I've never seem to do very well.  The main thing when drawing pets is trying to be sure to get the right spots in the right places.  Jodi was kind enough to send me several good photos of the pets.  That makes my job a whole lot easier.

On Christmas day Jodi and family got to watch her mom open the gift while "Skyping" on the computer.  (If you haven't discovered Skype yet, it's terrific!)  She took photos of the computer screen while the unveiling was done.  This is a first for me.  "HaHa" is what the grandkids call her.  There's got to be a good story behind that one.

Jodi wrote, "THANK YOU!!!  We just watched her open it on the computer a few minutes ago. She was absolutely speechless (which is a rarity) and she cried!!! I took some pictures of the computer screen and I will send them. Thanks for helping me give her probably the best gift ever!!! I was the one who set up her face book account.  I just put this picture as her profile picture. She is getting some GREAT comments and she hasn't even been home to see them yet!"

"The best gift EVER!?!"  Now,  I like reading that!  Here are the photos that Jodi sent me...

Thanks Jodi.  Those photos are a precious part of my doodling unveiling collection.  They are definitely  a classic.  Give your mother my greetings.  I was so happy to be a part of making her Christmas merrier.

Some day we'll all sit virtually in each other's living rooms while we open our presents.  I'm not sure that I want to be around when that happens. 

Update:  I received an e-mail from"HaHa" regarding the caricature.  It was so nice I wanted to include it with this post...

Hi Rick, I am Haha, Jodi Smith’s mother. Talk about a surprise!!. It was wonderful to see your interpretation of the pictures Jodi sent you for my present. The story behind my  name, Haha, comes from the Jodi’s oldest son, Collin. You know- the whatever the first  grandchild calls you will last thru all of them.  As I am told, I used to say hahahahaha to him all the time to get him to smile. I am a loud-mouth yankee, so  I guess it mad an impression on him.  As far as the” rainbow bridge”, there is a poem about  beloved pets when they die. Please look it up, and you will know why I cried  when I saw her, which I did not at first. I was so busy looking at each pet individually, and was so shocked at the whole idea of this masterpiece. My animals are very precious to me and bring me so much comfort. Jeffrey the 3 legged boxer has become a Therapy dog and visits nursing homes, children’s homes, special ed. Classes. Etc.  After Callie died, I said if there was a special kity that needed me, I would probably adopt it. Sure enough, there was Journie, with just one eye- another calico. How could I pass on her??. She is a joy, fun and helps ease the vacant spot Callie left after 17 years.  My daughters and sons-in law are  wonderful to me. My grandchildren are the most beautiful  you have ever seen. Talk about  love. They give so much and make life complete. You picture has drawn acclaim on my facebook site from other countries as well as here.  Know, that your artistry has brought me much joy and smiles.

Warmly, Rose

Thank you Rose.  You are most welcomed.


Jodi @ SNAPPED said...

Thank you Rick! I just posted it on to her face book and mine and I will add it to my blog as soon as I get a few free minutes.

Thanks for sharing your talent and creativity!


Jodi @ SNAPPED said...

OK, just blogged it on my blog! Have a wonderful rest of the holiday season and I look forward to our NEXT project! :D


grammie of 3 said...

Did you ever imagine your doodling would bring such joy to people?

Rick said...

To Grammie: It still surprises me when people have such an emotional reaction to one of my little doodles.