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Monday, June 29, 2009

Polly's Pal, Pup & Pachyderm.

Polly wanted an illustration of her husband.  He is an avid Alabama fan—the Crimson Tide.  I suggested an illustration of him enjoying a game with a Crimson Tide elephant.  (Someone please tell what a Crimson Tide has to do with elephants.)  She requested that their pup, Brinkley be included in the drawing.  "No problem," I says.  And away I went.

I think this was the longest time I've been away from my blog without a traveling excuse. The loss of my computer really threw me off my game. I will be getting back into regular posting. I will HAVE TO because I have a number of request pending that I need to get done.

I appreciate your patience and the visits to this bit of insanity on the internet.

God speed.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Computer Arrived

Sorry that I have been absent from this blog for the past several days. My new laptop arrived in the mail yesterday. (yippie!!) I'm going to get some of the files transferred off the old hard drive onto the new comptuer today. I'll be VERY glad when that finally happens. It's been a long time in coming and there's some stuff on there that I've been needing very badly. I'm falling behind on my caricature requests. I'm going to have to remember to backup my files more frequently.

In the meantime, this is an update on my attempt at creating a children's book for publication. The pen work on Sully the skunk and on the background for page one is done. My plan is to do the color work on the computer. My daughter's boyfriend gave me a few tips on Photoshop while he was here. One click of the mouse openned up a whole new world in Photoshop for me.

Thanks for sticking with me during what turned out to be Black June for me. Computers!! Alas!! You can't live with them and you can't live with them. (Is that how that saying goes?)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Elementary My Dear Principle

Mr. Town is the principle of the Pinewood Community School. Kathy, the school's Instructional Assistant, contacted me about creating a caricature of him to be presented as an end of the school year gift.

She wrote me and said, "He does this funny thing on our morning televised news program where he is 'Mr. Town, Defective Detective'. He plays a kazoo and uses a magnifying glass (much like Sherlock Holmes-type guy)."

So, once again, I went to the internet for artistic direction. This time it was the hunt for images of Sherlock Holmes. (Elementary ain't it?)

Mr. Town, I learned was also a bee keeper, and a Minnesota Twins fan. Thus the bees and the baseball pennant.

This is the finished product. What do you think, my dear Watson?

School's out. I hadn't heard what Mr. Town's response was, but I figure this being summer and all, he's probably a happy little principle either way.

Update: I received an e-mail from Sherlock Mr. Town himself this morning. He said, "Hey Rick, Loved the picture. It will be hanging in a place of honor in my office. My wife thought it looked just like me. I do work in the best elementary in the world. If you are ever out here stop in. Have a great summer! Sincerely, Cris"

Thank you for those kind words Mr. Town. Maybe I should take this opportunity to go back to grade school and do a better job.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Outside The Box

Some- times an idea comes to mind and I just have to stop and drawing it—no matter how busy I am.

We've been getting ready for the reception of our daughter's high school graduation today. We were up late getting a display of photos and memorabilia together. Then the other two daughters arrived, plus SIL, PLUS boyfriend! (What can I say?) The commencement is tomorrow. There will probably be photos.

I had a ton of stuff to get done, but this doodle came to mind and I just had to doodle it. It's what I do.

Have you been thinking outside the box lately? Then clean up the mess you left behind and then Copy & Share If You Dare.