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Friday, August 29, 2008

Surprise Kelly!

I know that you told me the other day that you decided to not have me do another illustration for you (so many other needs that have demands on your finances at the moment), but I decided to go ahead and draw this little doodle for your blog anyway.

This is just my way of saying, "Sorry about all the 'lousy' (I guess that I could call them) things going on in your life. You are not forgotten, and you are loved by me and the Heavenly Father."

(Crazy that a doodle could say all that.)

I know it's not exactly the illustration that you originally wanted, but I like it. I hope that you do too.

Now to all my other kind blog readers out there... Obviously I didn't tell Kelly that I went ahead and drew this little doodle for her. In fact, unless you see some evidence that tells you she has seen it (a comment perhaps?) you're seeing it before she has.

It's not my place to share all that Kelly, and her family, have been going through of late. Some of it she has written about on her blog. But I felt a little sad when she wrote me and told me that this was not the best time to invest in an illustration. So, I went ahead and drew something up just so I would send a little doodle love her way.

This is actually the second time that I've drawn a caricature of Kelly. I created one for an earlier blog which she felt that she need to delete. But since she is a blog-aholic, and because she loves us so much, she just couldn't stay away and create The Righteous Buzz. Go and check her out.

Now one of you, I guess, very well might jump over to her blog and tell her that there's something over here she might want to see. That's fine with me. I'm just trying to imagine what her reaction will be when she sees it. I hope it's a pleasant surprise.

Now back to Kelly... Also, you said that you wanted to use the face off your illustration as a profile photo. I thought that perhaps you might like to use this little doodle for that. I don't know - I thought that maybe you would find it kind of crazy - kind of fun.

My apologies for the quality of these images. They are merely photos of them that I took this morning in the early light. The originals are clearer, and brighter. And, if I do say so myself, I especially like how the first illustration turned out. I tried to keep within the color scheme of your blog.

So, if you like what you see, drop me a note and I'll get them in the mail to you.

God bless you, and God bless America!!!

(Perhaps that last line was a little over the top, but it felt good to write it.)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Plowing the Herd

This is another carica- ture that I did some time ago. Teri, who works at the pharmacy where I get all my copies made, asked me to create a drawing of her brother for his birthday.

This was a bit difficult drawing because she wanted an illustration which included this particular tractor pushing this particular kind of snow plow, AND she wanted lots of animals in the piece.

So, I had to figure out a way to incorporate all that stuff together. I decided to illustration the man plowing through a herd of various kinds of forest animals. Of course, if an animal were to actually go through a snow plow like that they would come out the other side as mince meat. (I hate mince meat.) But this is cartooning and, thankfully, I'm not confined to reality when it comes to my illustrations.

(That's a good thing because I often have a hard telling dealing with the concept of reality as rule in general.)

Like much of my earlier work, when I look back on it, I feel that I could do a much better job now. Either that means I'm getting better, or I was just really lazy back then.

Teri asked me the other day if I had posted this illustration on my blog. I had to say no. Then she asked if I had posted the one I did of her son. Again, I had to confess that I had not. So, there will be another post with includes the caricature of her son in the near future.

My apologies Teri. I didn't mean to exclude you from this very exclusive blog of mine.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Beam In Your Eye

This is another illustration inspired by a biblical passage. So much of the Bible inspires creative illustration. I've never seen an illustration of this particular passage. I thought it was begging to be drawn. It comes from Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. I think He was trying to be a bit comical when He shared it, because the idea is comical.

The concept speaks for itself - before trying to help someone with their faults be sure to work on your own. It's hard to do eye surgery when your vision is so impaired. You can't even get close enough when there is an eye-plank getting in the way.

So, this is another Copy & Share If You Dare illustration. I would just love for you to tell me about it if you do.

Friday, August 22, 2008


This is a little cartoon that I was able to get published in a magazine years ago. I got paid $100 bucks for this doodle! By my standards that's good money even today.

This is a another "Copy & Share If You Dare" doodle. Feel free to pass it along.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

What Kind of People Are You?

...and that bit of information should probably worry you.

I finished another caricature the night before last - waiting on hearing a reply. I hope they like it. I started on another one last night.

I keep whittling away at my list of request, but it keeps growing at the other end.

So many needy people in the world - desperately seeking a doodle to fill the cartoon void in their hearts. What am I to do? I must doodle onwards and upwards!

(Now aren't you worried when I tell you that you're MY kind of people?)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Organized Doodle Fini!

I finished this doodle up a few days ago. Basically I just doodled around in the empty space, or as we artist call it, the "negative space", in an attempt to fill the page. If you're so inclined you can scroll back two post ago and compare the differences.

Every time I look at this piece I will think "Olympics" because this is what I was doing while my wife and I watched the games.

My New Zealand, blogging friend Chris liked the doodle so much that she purchased it from me. That was a surprise and a blessing. (Thank you very much Chris.) So, pretty soon this doodle will be off to it's new overseas home.

Maybe you'd like to know why I call this blog "Organized Doodles."

(If not, then we're pretty much done here and you can moving along to the next blog.)

I named it that because that's what I've called my drawings for a long time. When people have been so kind as to compliment my work, my reply has often been, "Thank you. They're just organized doodles."

It is my contention that most graphic illustrations are just a collection of familiar shapes that everybody uses almost every day of their lives. And all that anyone needs to learn how to is to organize their doodles in a way that makes them look like a familiar object.

I do cartooning demonstrations for school classrooms very often. I try to teach the children how to take a cartoon and brake it down in their mind so that they see letters and number, and punctuation marks, and then use those familiar shapes to draw something - organized doodles.

For example, all that a normal heart shape is, is a couple of "U's" and a "V" holding hands. You can draw that!

The next time you're sitting in a meeting, bored, try looking at an object, or an illustration and try to see it as a collection of familiar shapes and then put it on paper. The proportions might not quite match, but the object will becomes familiar as you put it on paper. Then you're well on your way to becoming a world famous artist like... well... not like me, but like somebody that is world famous.

Hey, remember, especially when it comes to cartooning: It ain't brain surgery. Enjoy the moment and try to learn to express yourself in art.

No need to thank me now. Just remember me when you sell that first piece for a million.

P.S. I past 20,000 hits on this blog - counting from mid-January last. Thank you all for giving this doodler the ego strokes that he so desperately needs and craves.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Undying Spirit

I'm working on doodles all the time. Right now I'm working on a couple of things that I'm trying to finish up.

This little cartoon is actually something I drew a few years ago and held on to it. It is a "tribute" to the undying spirit of humankind!!

Sometimes I just start drawing something and then add the caption after I'm finished. This is an example of that. I think you have to have a rather dry sense of humor to appreciate how absurd it is.

Is your humor dry enough?


Also: My Nebraska blogging friend Brenda, actually sent me this doodle and even gave me permission to post it when I asked.

I like it Brenda!

I'm serious when I say that I want to see your doodles. I really enjoy trying to get people to express themselves artistically, and doodling is a wonderful, carefree way of doing that.

So, send me your doodles. I want to show it off to the blogging world! And go visit Brenda's blog and tell her how her artwork has changed your life! - or something like that.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

An Organized Doodle

Now for some- thing totally differ- ent...

This is a sketch that I've been playing around with while the wife and I have been watching the Olympic games.

Some of you, I think, would consider this an actual doodle. It started because I wanted to try out a new Sharpie pen that I picked up (which I like very much). Also, I was trying to imitate, just a bit, the style of Andrea Joseph - one of the few artist whose blog I visit regularly. I really like her work.

I began by drawing the stylized black heart in the middle. Then I remember that a friend had given me a set of Pilot colored pens for my birthday, and so I started adding stuff to the illustration. My colors were limited to the colors of the pens in that set, and my goal was really nothing more than trying to fill a piece of paper.

It is likely that you'll see this doodle again because I'll probably end up trying to fill in more of the empty spaces. You wouldn't mind a repeat - would you?

Now go pick up a pen and try some doodling yourself. Don't tell me that you can't do at least that. There's an artist within you - for some of you he's really deep down inside you, but he's there. So give it a try - and e-mail me a copy. I'm going to steal your work.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Dark Knight

Here's another caricature request where I had to bring together a number of different varied themes into one drawing.

Catherine requested an illustration of her husband for his birthday in September. She said, "My husband is a member of the Australian Defence Force. He is an army musician, and his instrument (and the first love of his life) is the trombone."

(I seem to be very big "Down Under." Maybe as big as David Hasselhoff is in Germany. Maybe not that much, but I'm know around a few Aussie circles.)

Catherine said that his second love is his Kawasaki. His 3rd and 4th loves are computers and photography.

Forgive me for mentioning it Catherine, but does that make you #5?

Anyway, the challenge for me was to figure out a way to bring all these varied interest together. In fact, I held on to Catherine's request for some time. Finally I decided to illustrate him riding his motorcycle up a mountain of computer screens and stuff while carrying his trombone as if it were some kind of jousting spear - camera in tow.

It all came together to make him look like some kind of "dark knight." What do you think?

Thanks Catherine for using me to help celebrate your knight's big day. I figure that after he sees it you'll probably be bumped up his list a couple of notches - ya think?

In other news: I'm not getting these illustrations out fast enough for my part. I hope that everyone on my list will continue to be patient with me. I received an inquiry about a doing a possible Christmas gift this week. It reminded me that Christmas, in artist years, is not very far away. So, if you're thinking about ordering an illustration for a Christmas gift I would encourage you to get your request in early.

Stay "tooned"!,


Sunday, August 10, 2008


I had a close en- counter with some- one else's scanner and so I plopped this one over into my computer. It's just another one of those quick doodles that I had laying around. I'm calling it "Bubbles" for both the floating bubbles and the eyes.

And yes, to those of you who understand what I am saying... I AM just toying with you.

Also: A couple of post back some of you yea-hoos were asking whether or not my girls looked like their mother or their father. What do you think?

I get credit for the freckles on the youngest one.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Don't Mess With Angles

Sorry that it's been a bit since I've added a post. My scanner got mad at me and wouldn't talk to my computer any more. Today it just up and died on me. Looks like I'll be looking for new scanner soon.

So, this is another illustration that I ended up just photographing and then fiddled with it in Photoshop. I've got much to learn about that program, but I think I'm getting a bit better at it.

I think it's no secret that I am a person of faith. Much of the Bible creates interesting visual images for me, and since I am a visual thinker I enjoy putting the images of Bible passages down on paper.

Angels, in the classical sense, are visually interesting creations to me. Often people depict them as gentle creatures, but if you read much of the Bible you quickly discover that they're actually pretty tough dudes. Especially Michael. You don't want to mess with him.

I'm glad that angels are on my side. Can I get an "Amen"?

In other news... I was doing a little blog suffering the other day and ended up over at ournameisblog blog, and entered a contest. Today I received notice that I won this watch.

I think it suits me well. Can I get another "Amen"?

Monday, August 4, 2008

The Girls

No doodles to upload at the moment. I'm in Portland taking two of my daughters to the airport. The oldest is at the airport at this moment waiting for her flight out to Oklahoma City. The other one is flying out tomorrow.

This is a photo that I took before they, and the Mrs., headed over to the church for a wedding shower (or bath, or whatever). Ain't they lovely?

We've had a great time having all of them home. The ladies got a ton of wedding plans done, most of which I was able to avoid.

When I get home I'll be finishing up another illustration and should have a few doodles to post.

Thanks for checking in.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

That Happy Time of Year

(Click on the image to zoom in.)

This isn't a new joke, but one that perhaps you can relate to. The quality is not the best because my scanner isn't cooperating. so I just took a photo of it and then spent too much time working with it in Photoshop.

This is another "Copy & Share If You Dare" illustration. You have my permission to steal use it as you wish. Just drop me a note if you post it some place where I can get a peek. I live for the attention that it gives me - my ego is so weak.