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Friday, April 30, 2010

Watchin' the Tube While Doin' a Doodle

Thank you all for voting for my blog @ BlogInterviewer.com.  The voting ends tonight—midnight.  I'm in the lead, but 2nd and 3rd are closing in.  If you haven't voted in the last 24 hours please do so.  It's not the prize, it's now the pride.  You know my tender ego feeds on it.

Here's a quick little doodle that I threw together last night while the wife and I were watching the end of Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium.  Nice movie, but totally predictable. The doodle has nothing to do with the movie, but that's what I often do in an evening—watch TV and doodle for you.

I was purposefully trying to be a little messy with the lines on this illustration—just to do something different.  I don't know what you would do with it, but Copy & Share If You Dare... then go VOTE!

Monday, April 26, 2010

This Is Art!!!

Peggy (or Peg, if you prefer) wrote me about creating a new header for her blog.  She said...
I have a blog that has been giving me fits with my header. All of a sudden today the photo is off and I can’t get it centered again. I have even tried to change the photo all together but it is not cooperating with me. I have had it!!!  So I have decided that maybe you can doodle me a blog template instead to elevate this problem all together.

Here is the photo I love that I scanned. I love it because it so captures some of our life.  I don’t care that the photo’s looks like us as much as a photo of a woman, a man and a dog. That is my life. What I love about this photo as I said it is just so us.  My hubby loves to fish and I love to sit on the boat and drink wine while sunning and keeping him company.  But our young lab comes with us now.

Peggy (or even Margaret, if you're the kind that prefers that) also sent me a photo of their lake house, and of the lake where all this fishing, sunning, and alcohol consumption takes place.  

In addition she sent me this peculiar—"who is that masked woman" photo of herself.  She didn't care if the characters in the illustration looked like her, but I liked having something to work off of.  Nice eyes Peg.  I did a little research on her blog and discovered that her husband was a Yankees fan.  Then I went to work.  This is what I came up with...

I liked how this one turned out.  Peggy apparently liked the results too.  She wrote...

Hey Rick THIS LOOKS FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wow.  I don’t recall sending you anything with me and you got my hair down.  (Apparently she forgot about her fairly unrevealing photo)  All of it man. It is perfect. I just called my husband upstairs and he was blown away! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I will tell everyone on the blogs about you and give them your link!!!  God I am so exicted it is like Christmas in April. “Doodles” my ass – this is art!!!!

Now THAT'S the kind of response that I like to get.  Did you see all of those exclamation marks?  Over the top, I'm telling you.  Peggy quickly made it her blog header.  It fits there very well.  Please click over there and leave a little comment or two.  We bloggers, as most of you are, love receiving those comments.

Thank you Peggy for your MOST kind comment about the doodle (or "art" if you prefer).  I had fun putting it together for you.  I hope it graces the header of your blog for many days to come.


In other news:  I appreciate all of you who have voted for my blog at BlogInterviewer.com. Many are telling me that it often won't let them vote everytime, even if the required 24 hours has lapsed, but many are getting through.  Supposedly you can vote once a day.  The contest goes until the end of April.  I'm in second and catching up on first, with third not far behind. So, keep on clicking.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Move That Mountain!

I really needed to get some- thing up quick tonight. It's been a long day and I've got another one facing me tomorrow.  I don't think that I've posted this one before.  To tell you the truth, I really don't remember.  So forgive me if I've posted two reruns in a row.  I try to keep things fresh.

When Jesus talked about His followers moving mountains I don't think He was talking about landscaping. I think He was challenging us to believe that He can do something about the figurative mountains in our lives. I will be honest with you, and I mean this, I have discovered that God can do amazing things in our lives, IF we will only trust Him. Try it—I think you will find it to be true too.

Copy & Share If You Dare

Thank you for all that have been voting for me at Blog Interviewer.com.  I am hearing from a number of people that the "Vote Here" button doesn't always work—even after they've waited for 24 hours.  I don't know why that's true.  I would appreciate it if you just keep on trying.  I'm in second place and catching up on the guy in first.  But, the gal in third is gaining on me as well.  She may be deserving, but I may be more deserving.  So keep those fingers a clicking!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Earth Day

This is a reposted doodle, but perhaps there are some of you that haven't seen it and would like a chance to use it on your own blog.  Earth Day is April 22.  I believe that it's our God given responsibility to take care of the one earth that He has given us.  Go ahead then—be a little green.  I've been Green for years and it's kept me in good stead.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Big Bite

This is just a little doodle I started last night and finished this morning—realizing that it has been too long since I posted anything new and had nothing to share.  This actually just part of the illustration.  My little scanner at home isn't big enough to copy the entire image.  That'll have to come at a later date.

Copy & Share If You Dare

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Community Art Walk

On each 2nd Saturday of the month the local art association in town holds an art walk.  Various businesses downtown host an artist to display their works. Some friends of mine own a popular thrift store and asked me to display my doodles there. I was happy to do so.  This is the third time I've had the chance to show my art during the art walk. I've yet to sell anytime at one of these, but I always have a good time showing my stuff—plus they always serve snacks.
Me and some of my doodles.  Perhaps you recognize some of the pieces.
A better photo of the display.
The girl's name is Peanut.  (Her nickname) She and her mother worked the counter.  She was a nice young lady.  I'm pretending to explain my work to her.  I let her have a copy of one of my cartoons—signed it to "my new nutty friend."

My eyes look so intense in this photo.

Also: I was asked for an interview at bloginterviewer.com.  If you go there and vote for my blog during the month of April I could get a prize!  That wouldn't be so bad—right?

Click on the above image, find the little "vote" button and visit once a day during April.  You don't even have to give them an e-mail address or anything.  Just vote.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Harley Charlie

Charlie has been a good friend of mine.  He's a big guy, but a gentle-gaint—as I refer to him. On more than one occasion He, and his sweet wife Lydia have treated my wife and I with kindness and generosity. For a couple of years now I've been wanted to try and repay his kindness by drawing a caricature of him on his bike. Last week I took the opportunity to create one for him. There was a motorcycle rally a couple of years ago at our church. During the event I snuck out to the parking lot and took some photos of his Harley—and '02 Deuce. It's a long machine—has to be to accommodate a big guy like Charlie.  

Last night, at church, I told Charlie that I wanted to show him some- thing after- wards.  He said, "Does it have something to do with motorcycles?" "Yes."  "Alright I'll look forward to that," He said.  So afterwards I gave him a paper sack with his doodle in it.  I LOVED the smile on his face when he saw it.  He was totally surprised.  It was a three-hugger response.

This is a photo of the illustration, so the quality is not the best.  But I really love how this one turned out.  I took great care in getting it done.  I wanted it just right.  It's always a challenge to get the arms and legs to fit on the bike just right.  I like the doodle, but more importantly I really loved enjoying surprising a good friend.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Bridge Called Grace

A friend sent me this set of illustrations depicting the concept of following Jesus' directive to "carry your cross."  I've seen it before, perhaps you have too. The problem that I have with it is that it is wrong. It's hard to see but in the images we see a man carrying his cross.  He complains that the cross is too heavy so he whittles it down a couple of times to make his burden lighter.  In the end we see that it is the person that dutifully carries the full weight of their cross to the end that is able to cross the gap. The one man's cross is now too short to cross it. The problem is that's bad theology. The Bible tells us that we can't do anything to earn our salvation.  We are able to gain access to the Father only by His grace—which is appropriated for us by placing our faith in him.  I responded to my friend's e-mail by sending back to him this Bible doodle I drew sometime ago. In the background you see a bridge that the man tried to build himself. In the trash can are the plans for his bridge that he discarded because his efforts are turning into a disaster.  With hammer still in hand he contemplates the idea of crossing the bridge of grace already provide for him.  I don't a lot of "preaching" on this blog, but it is my recommendation that you cross that bridge for yourself. I did and have never regretted doing so.
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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Heart of Brookings Update

To tell you the truth, I really didn't want to post this one.  I drew it so large that the only way I could get a copy of it was to photograph it.  The photo didn't turn out that great, but I wanted to post it anyway because I like closure.  So, this is the final outcome of the image I shared on March 18th.  This one took a lot of time. There are a lot of little details that

On Saturday there is a monthly art walk that is put on in our community.  The owners of the thrift store have asked me to display some of my doodles in their store for the occasion.  I've participated in this a couple of times before in two other locations.  I've never had an success in selling any pieces.  Maybe I'll have to reduce my prices just to make some kind of change.  Supposedly, the owners of the store are going to have the original of this piece framed and on display.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Photos of an Unveiling

Stefani sent me these photos taken at the unveiling of the doodle I did of her parents with the grandchildren.  I really enjoy seeing these kind of pictures.  Generally my only feedback comes through e-mail text.  I try to measure reaction by the number of exclamation marks and words used to describe my client's reaction.  But, As the saying goes: "A picture is worth..."  It would appear that their doodle was well appreciated—there even what appears to be clapping at one point.  An ovation!  Wow!  Could even Rembrandt ask for more?  Hardly!  Thanks Stefani for sending the pics to me.  They're great!!! (Note: three exclamation marks.)

It's a funny thing, these caricatures that I do.  I take a piece of paper, work with it a little while, and then turn it into something that people end up prizing.  I always feel honored, and amazed that they put them in places of importance in their homes—over a desk, by a collection of family photos, near the toilet, wherever. It does my heart good to see people enjoying something that I had the chance to create for them.  I guess that I'm kind of like Santa with a pencil.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dragon Encounter Fini?

I don't mean to draaaag this out, (Pun in- tended)  but after looking at my En- counter With a Dragon doodle I knew that it needed just a bit more work.  You can scroll down to make a comparison.  The main thing I did was darken the sky.  So, maybe, I'm done with it.  At least it feels like it's done.

Anyone interested in purchasing an original bit of art?  It's drawn on an13.5x11 piece of paper—pen and ink.  For a mere $30, plus $5 shipping, this bit of doodlery can be yours.  Why so cheap?  Two reasons:  1. My doodles don't seem to sell when I charge more, and 2. I can be bought.  At least my doodles can.

Contact me at green_rick@juno.com and we'll get this dragon in the mail.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Sting is Gone

Tomorrow is Good Friday—a very special day for many people.  For those who follow Jesus, it is a time which commemorates the day when He destroyed the sting of death.

My wife thought this doodle was a bit strange.  Maybe a should take that as a compliment.  I like to create images which provoke thought.

You are welcomed to Copy & Share If You Dare this doodle.  I hope that it provokes some thought from the readers of your blog as well.

(And BTW, it's suppose to be a wasp and not a bee.  Wasp are a lot meaner than bees.  At least in my opinion.  It was three wasps that hit me the first time I got stung.  So, I've had it out for them ever since.)