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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Family Practice - Be A Millionaire

It's been a while since I've posted an edition of Family Practice; my one attempt for cartoon syndication and fame.

Some children are destined for fame and others for fortune...

(Click on the image for the larger view.)

Family finances can be interesting. I can't remember the exact inspiration for this particular strip, but it seems that something similar actually happened in our house. I do remember that the other day we did get some money from our middle daughter for helping to repair her car, and then we turned around and gave a big portion of it right back for her birthday.

Does that make any sense to you?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mixing It Up In The Garden

How many people do you know that would be brave enough to request a caricature made up of their sister-in-law?

Apparently Carolyn is that brave. She wanted an illustration of her SIL (That's "Sister-in-law for you non-blogger types) sitting in a garden, wearing a garden apron, with a mixed drink in hand. I'm not particularly savvy when it comes to mixed drinks since I don't imbibe. So a martini was practically the only mixed drink I could come up with that I felt was easily recognizable.

You may remember Carolyn from an earlier, let's just say, interesting illustration that I did for her. If you haven't seen it you might enjoy checking it out.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Flamingo Ballet

Sue contacted me about creating an illustration of her little friend, Lexie. This was meant to be a belated birthday gift for her. Sue and Lexie share a love for flamingos. She suggested a drawing of her dancing with flamingos since she had recently started ballet lessons.

This was the one caricature that I was able to complete while at the children's camp I recently attended. The children at the camp really seemed to like the drawing. I thought that it turned out pretty good. Creating a caricature of a child's face is always more challenging for me. Their faces are so smooth and have fewer distinct features that help identify a particular person.

(As I have said before: Give me an ugly face to draw and I'm a happy person. Some people I've drawn made me ecstatic!)

Sue suggest- ed that I put Lexie's glasses on one of the fla- mingos. Glasses or not, she is obviously an adorable child. I hope that she enjoys her birthday gift.

Thank you Sue for choosing me to help honor this lovely ballerina.

In other news... I'm sitting here at our dinning room table working on my computer as my two oldest daughters fill out wedding invitations. This week will be full of wedding stuff. We're knee deep into it, but it's soooo nice having all my girls home at once.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mum's 60th

You might re- member Tonya from the cari- cature I posted of her back in April. Tonya, who lives in So. Cal, is an Australian, and she is heading there next month for a visit.

She requested a drawing of her family to give to her mum (Australian for "mom") to celebrate her 60th birthday. The drawing included Tonya's whole herd: husband and kids, her parents, brother, sister with son; plus a whole slew of family dogs. She suggested a picnic scene with some of the guys getting ready to go kayaking. So, that's what I drew.

This was an involved drawing. For some reason, it took me a lot of time to get it done. There are a number of little details in the drawing. A drawing like this provides a number of opportunities to add little things. I wanted to give them something to look at for a while, and have fun making discoveries.

I hope that you will too.

In other news: My two oldest daughters are coming in for a visit beginning this weekend. We've got to drive up to Portland to pick them up - a seven hour drive one way. It's crazy living on the edge of the earth. So, once again, I'll be out of touch beginning tomorrow afternoon for a few days.

Next week the ladies will be working on wedding plans together. I think I've mentioned that the oldest is getting married in Oct. Good Lord! I'm already wedding'ed out! How will I make it for 2 1/2 more months?

Keep those cards and letters coming - or rather those comments coming. They warm my whittle heart.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Chocolate Attack

This is a doodle I threw onto a piece of paper last night. My wife apparently was having a chocolate attack and made some of those No-Bake Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies. I love it when she has one of those attacks because I am often a beneficiary of the results.

So, the concept came to me while I was munching down on my chocolate treat, and I had to draw it really quick. I thought that perhaps some of you, my kind readers of this blog, could identify with it.

One time I asked Marylynn, "What is it about women and chocolate?" To which she replied, "What is it about men and steak?" "Oh!" I said. "I think that I finally understand."

This is another "Copy & Share If You Dare" doodle. In other words, I give you permission to copy it, put it on your blog, print it out, share it with your friends, frame it and hang it on the frig.

Yes, of course, I'm just looking for attention. That's why I do these things. All I ask is that you tell me if you're using it so that I can smile. (My needs are so few.)

Also: I'll be out of touch beginning tomorrow, for three days. I am going on my second motorcycle trip to Crater Lake, Oregon.

Check out my pics from last summer's run.

There's no room on the bike for extras like a computer, so I will be off-line for a few days. Say a prayer and leave me a friendly note for my return.

You know I love the attention!!!

Further Update: I just got notice regarding this award from my friend over the pond - Tismess2. A very nice gal, and uses one of my illustrations as her header on her blog. Go and make a friend.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Matter of Perspective

Falling Down...

Being Sucked In...

Pushed Overboard...

Alien Abduction...

It's all a matter of your perspective.

In other news...

Recently, the aspiring, and inspiring, young artist
Justin made comment on my blog. Today he sent me an illustration that he said he drew for me. And, with his permission, I am posting it here.

Take a gander at Justin's blog and give this young artist and
new blogger some encouragement.

Thanks Justin for the illustration. Good work! I don't do trucks well, so it's with some reluctance that I'm posting it here. (Hee Hee)

P.S. Sorry, an "egg-less" post.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Phil - The Money Making Man

One of my most earliest caricatures that I posted on my blog was a drawing I did of my friend Eti.

Like many of you, who have become my Internet friends, I've never met her, but we struck up a friendship because of a mutual interest in photography. Eti is an accomplished photographer, and in my opinion, her skills have improved greatly even in the little time that I've gotten to know her. Check out her albums in Webshots, and her personal web page. She's good! I'm telling you she's good. Her skills in manipulating digital images are especially impressive.

On my last post Eti dropped in and made a comment. It reminded me that I've never posted the illustration that I did of her husband, Phil. It's been so long since I drew this particular piece that I forget the circumstances. I think it was a birthday present, a gift of some kind anyway. Eti said that Phil enjoyed playing the market, and so anything that connected him with making lots of money would be good.

The above drawing is what I came up with. I think I could do a better job with this illustration today - I've gain so much experience since then. But even now, as I look at it, I think that it ain't bad.

(I'm pretty sure that my "little friend" made it into the drawing - it's been so long. But, I didn't take time to look.)

Also, When it rains, it pours. I was honored to be given two blog awards recently.

One by Mum-me. (Not MY biological Mommy, but I guess the self proclaim Mum-me of us all.) She presented me with the "Arte y Pico" award, which is "dedicated to many who nourish and enrich the spirit and creativity." That sounds too fancy for me, but hey, who am I to refuse such an honor?

Thanks Mommy Mum-me.

Then, My friend The Bean... (That's what I call her. She's a bit more exclusive as to the type of bean she uses as her marker, but I find it more interesting to identify her with beans at large.) ...gave me this award.

She presented it to me because I posted something on my blog for Dystonia Awareness Week. Check out her blog for more information about that. Bean is another Internet friend. She's on my list for another doodle soon. So, be looking for more about her very soon.

Thanks Bean-O Bean. You're too kind and you're a friend.

I'm still drawing all the time. So stay "tooned" for more.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hot Rodding 101

I drew this maybe three years ago of a friend's brother. It was her Christmas present to him. In fact, I think she ordered four different illustrations from me that year. (Ho, Ho, Ho) I drew this so long ago that I thought it might be "egg-less." I guess you egg hunters will have to figure that out on your own.

The original artwork now hangs inside the entrance of the local pancake house that he runs. Hiway 101 is the main drag that runs through our town. It goes up and down the west coast. Much of it is a drive with fantastic views. I highly recommend it.

BTW: I will be out of touch for a week. I am helping at a summer boys and girls camp - no internet connection there. I hope to get a lot of illustrating done, as my responsibilities at the camp aren't too demanding. I'm behind on my requests and I need to do some catching up.

Leave me a nice note for when I get back - next Saturday.

AND BEHAVE!! (Do I sound like your mother?)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Two posts in one day! But I didn't want the holiday to past without giving you a chance to see this little doodle.

This is another "Copy & Share If You Dare", doodle. All I ever ask is that you give me a heads up if you do. Be sure to click on the image so that you can get the full size version.

Have a great 4th - even if you're not from the U.S. of A. Go ahead and take the day off. Tell your boss that I said it was okay.

Album Art

I took this photo Tuesday night of Nick, who is the son of some good friends of ours. We were setting off fire works for my youngest daughter's 17th birthday party.

Nick plays the bass for his rock band. (Is every kid now days part of a rock band?) I told him that it is the cover art for his next album.

This is not a doodle, it's more like a "fiddle," because I fiddled around with the photo on my computer a while.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Is Your Sky Falling?

This is a quick doodle that I created for a friend that is teaching a class dealing with contemporary issues. The class material relates itself to all the turmoil that is going on in the world right now; which for some people, may seems like the sky is falling. So, the story of Chicken Little relates well. I think it's pretty clever.

I don't know about the sky falling, but gas prices are sky rocketing! Before long everyone will be riding motorcycles. But that would be a good thing. Right?