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Friday, September 25, 2009

Nix It On the Pig Slop

Here's a little doodle that I've had tucked away on my pad of paper. I've been slowly working on it bit by bit. I finished it two nights ago while Marla was studying for her test.

As usual I started with a face which turned into the whole angry farmer. While I draw these sketches I'm generally running captions through my head. I was trying to figure out what this angry farmer wanted to say. Then it hit me! Pig slop! He was angry about pig slop.

I think that this doodle has many applications. Maybe it applies to your school cafeteria. It very well could have political undertones. (Or overtones. I don't know) If you're like me you've felt like someone has been feeding you a boat load of pig slop of late. This doodle applies no matter which side of the isle you're on—mine, or the wrong one. (insert smilie face here)

So, Copy & Share If You Dare.

We're heading across Wyoming today and plan to make South Dakota tonight. Say a pray for us and no throwing pig slop around while we're away.