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Friday, March 27, 2009


I'm not sure that I should be posting this illustra- tion. It is one that I drew nearly a year ago, but the client didn't like it.

If you've read my blog you know that this is not the first time that someone was unsatisfied with what I had drawn. It's never enjoyable when it that happens. For this particular client I pretty much gave up on making a second effort.

You want to hear the story? I figured you would...

This drawing was meant to be an anniversary gift for the client's parents. She requested an illustration of them traveling in their motor home. As, I have said before, I don't like drawing autos, or machinery of any kind. It has to be done just right. I have learned to just trace whatever machine is involved and then add the rest. But, for this concept I wanted to draw it free hand because I wanted to be looking at the motor home from below. Plus I wanted to give it a perspective with the front end looming much large than the rear. (Do you follow me?) It took me a lot of time to get it right—drawing, then erasing, and redrawing again.

On top of that, I ended up having to draw this illustration larger than I normally do. That's because it's difficult to get many details on a face when the subject of the illustration is riding in an auto. Often I have just drawn the subject sticking their head out the window, just so that I can make the face large enough for proper details. I didn't think that would look right for this drawing. So, in order to make the faces large enough I had to draw the whole piece larger—more time involved when I do that.

I was really proud how this one turned out, and looked forward to reading the response from the client. But the response wasn't so positive.

Here were the issues as I remember them...

1. She said that she didn't like the fact that her parents were driving over a cliff (Lover's Leap). When will I learn to stop taking comedic risk like that in these illustration? Not everybody has the same strange sense of humor that I do. I might have guessed that someone wouldn't want to see their parents driving over a cliff. That was my fault, but I still think it's pretty funny.

2. She said that her mother normally does the driving. Not my fault. I wasn't told that little bit of information, and if it is important then by all means tell me.

3. She said that the illustration didn't particularly look like her parents. But she did say that they did look like the photos she had sent me of her parents. What? Again, not my fault. When you send me photos people please send ones that you think look like the person that I am suppose to be illustrating. It's a little impossible to draw a face that I can't see.

4. She didn't like the plate I put on the front:"Honeymoon Wagon." Ok, I'll take the blame for that one, I guess. She suggested an alternative text there. I don't remember what it was, but hey... a bit picky here aren't we?

She asked me to draw another one, but I spent so much time on this one, and there were so many other people on my waiting list, I decided to put a second effort off and, well, I never got back to it.

I actually don't know if this particular client ever even visits my blog anymore. She's probably been done with me months. I don't want to reopen old wounds, but, well I guess I thought this would make an interesting post for you to read.

So that's my story. Now, anyone want to buy a doodle of someone else's parents driving over a cliff?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Super Skunk

Just a little nonsense with this time. I'm working on other stuff all the time, but I don't have anything ready to post. So, during a quiet moment I dreamed this concept up.

It's a bird! It's a plane! What's that smell? It's Super Skunk! The bane of villains, and of, well... most everybody else too.

Thank you Super Skunk—for flying away.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

When the Dealin's Done

Gaye wanted an illustration of her son. She wanted me to draw a caricature of him playing poker.

Gaye said, "Although he is in college he wants to be a World Series Poker Player and playing poker is how he is supporting himself. (Not paying for college but "extra" money. What an investment for Mom and Dad! lol)"

So I went to work and this is what I came up with. I feel pretty good about how this one turned out—really good, as a matter of fact. My daughter asked "Why the purple cameo?" I said it suppose to represent the dark, smokey atmosphere of a poker room. In the drawing he's a winner, of course—making enough bank to support not only his college bill, but his parents too. (Think that will ever happen Mom?)

I'm not much in to poker, but I know that you've got to know when to hold them. And you've got to know when to fold them. etc. etc.

(Can you believe Kenny made big bucks pushing that kind of advice? Of course you've got to know when to hold them, or fold them...)

Gaye was so pleased that she wants me to do a follow up on her two other sons. I don't know if that will happen. I think she's bluffing. What do you think?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How Ya Feelin'

I was doodling during yet another long meeting yes- terday and I was thinking about you.

So, why did I end up drawing this? I don't know. You tell me.

You been feelin' a little "under the weather" lately? Then... Copy & Share If You Dare.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's Your Lucky Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day! It's your lucky day. You've found the end of the rainbow, but...

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And be sure to wear your green—unless, of course, you like being pinched.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fair is Fair

Maybe I shouldn't be showing you this one yet, but I want to.

The local county fair board is running a contest to get local artist to submit concepts for posters depicting this year's theme. We're not talking big money here. The winner gets free tickets to the fair and also reserved seating for some of the events. I won't make fun of our fair, but I live in a county that is not well populated, so you can imagine what kind of events I might be talking about. But, they try with what they've got.

The theme (as you can see) is "Pioneering Fun for Everyone." So, in my usual cartoon manor, I depicted a group of pioneers happily making their way to the Curry County Fair.

This is not the first time I've drawn something for the fair. I actually won the contest three (or so) years ago. I drew three submissions that year and they said that they wanted to use them all. (One of the other ones can be seen here.) The style for all my submissions is pretty much the same. In fact, they look a lot alike. But hey, cartooning is what I do. Besides, they sent me an e-mail regarding the contest, so maybe that's what they're looking for.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to attend any of the fairs—even the year I won free tickets. Each year it seems that I'm busy while it's going on, but maybe this year will be different. Maybe I'll go. Maybe I'll buy a pig and enter him in the fair as well. Maybe. Maybe not.

I'll keep you posted on the results of the contest. Either way I had a lot of fun drawing it. Don't tell anyone that I've gone ahead and posted my entry here already. They might not like it, and not choose me. And that would be... "unfair."

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pet Peeves

Wikipedia says that a pet peeve is a minor annoyance that can instill great frustration in a very small group of people, yet is experienced by everyone—only you and a few others are annoyed by it.

I could name several pet peeves for you...

People that don't replace the used up roll of toilet paper. (Grrrrr...) People that honk at you when you don't realized that the light turned green (as if they've never done the same). People that speed up when you finally get a chance to pass them on a two lane highway. (Don't get me going on that one.) The car sitting next to you with the radio so loud that the entire block shares in the experience. I could go on.

Do you have a pet peeve—or two? Surely you do. Maybe it's people calling you "Shirley." Maybe you'd like to share. Maybe you'd like to Copy & Share If You Dare this doodle on your own blog so that you get get some of your own angst off your chest with your blogging friends. Go ahead. It's quite therapeutic.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Gail's Cyber Family

Gail considers herself a collector of my doodles. Which is fine with me of course. It's always nice to have a repeat customer.

Gail is actually one of my earliest subjects on this blog. I drew an illustration of her (posted here) a couple of years ago. Also, she ordered a birthday illustration for her Father-in-law last year (posted here).

This time she requested a graduation gift for husband. Since the commencement isn't until July I had plenty of time to get something together for her.

She said...

"What I am looking for is a picture showing all four of us (and the dogs if possible) sitting squashed up on a 3 seater brown leather sofa with each of us using a laptop. This often happens when we are all in the room except we don't a sit on one sofa (could you imagine???) Therefore there are power leads, CD Roms memory sticks etc all over the place, not to mention crisp packets, cans of soda or 'pop' as we call it and candy wrappers."

I had my work cut out for me—lots of stuff to put into this one. I did some research through her blog to try and snoop a few ideas. One never knows what one find when one surfs one's blog. Like this photo of Gail sitting on her hot ride. Doesn't she look sweet on top of all that 100 cc's of metric power.

(Never knew we had a love for two wheel power in common. But you couldn't find one of those nice British bikes to purchase?)

So, I finally laid out this little doodle for my blond British biker buddy.

After seeing it Gail wrote me and said, "WOW! That's amazing, I love it! It's exactly what I wanted. I love the dog on the back of the sofa - that'll be Keesha - although she isn't allowed up there she would be if she could. Thank you so much again."

Upon a closer look, she wrote again and said, "Rick! I have just had a closer look - once I'd got rid of the visitors. You have even drawn Isaac (That's the lizard, I think) in there!!!!!! and Vimto is my favorite 'pop' after Dandelion and Burdock." (I got lucky on that one.)

Well, hey Gail, this was a real fun one to put together. I look forward to hearing about your husband's response. Thank for calling upon me again for your doodles.

And, by all means, ride on!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

It feels like it's been a while since I've put my color pencils into action. But I'm back at it now.

Darlene wanted an illustration to give to her mother for Mother's Day. I think I made the deadline alright. Darlene's mom is apparently a coffee-aholic. Just look at this photo. That's right. There are three coffee makers sitting there on her kitchen counter. What kind of addiction to coffee does one have to have in order to need three coffee makers to satisfy it? I don't know, but the coffee must flow at her house!

You and I don't know each other Mrs. Darlene's Mom, but I'm think that a little intervention is in order. Oh well, we've all got our own issues. I've got a thing for the Dr. Pepper.

Darlene said said also likes roses. (With an obsessive personality like that there's no telling how many rose bushes she has) Darlene also asked me to put her mother in this leopard/rose print blouse. (You can't tell me you've seen another one just like it.)

So, I hear and I obey. Here are the results. What do you think?

I guess it will be a while before we hear how what Mom thinks of the illustration.

Thanks Darlene for choosing me to honor your mother. She's a lovely lady and I enjoy creating this doodle for her.