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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Not a Good Sign

2010 is almost upon us.  What kind of year will it be?  There are a few indicators that things might not go so well.

So you probably should go ahead and Copy & Share If You Dare.

Happy New Year!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

A Polar Adventure

Kathy & Dan are good friends. Kathy wanted an illustration of Dan's brother and wife. She said that they love to cruise. They have been on 2 to Alaska and are going on East coast up into Canada.

The whole Alaska idea appealed to me. I wanted to include the Northern Lights—the Aurora Borealis for you polar experts.  Thus, the setting at night.

(Here's a trivia question for you: Is there such a thing as Southern Lights, and if so, what are they called? Google it.)

Just a note about the above photo. I've include Dan and Kathy's daughter, Dani, making the face because, well, she deserves it. Believe me, she does.  She laughed at me one time when a chair broke out from under me.

This was a fun doodle for me.  I haven't heard the response yet.  Kathy is a frequent visitor of my blog, so be sure to leave a comment.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

HaHa and Her Zoo

This isn't the first time that Jodi requested a doodle from me.  I like having repeat customers.  That means they were really happy with the first creation

This time Jodi wanted an illustration of her mother for a Christmas gift.  About her mother she wrote...

"She lives alone with her pets, she LOVES them. Her sweet calico cat died 2 weeks ago. She had Callie for over 17 years. She also has a 3 legged boxer named Jeff. A boxer mix named Ginger. And 2 horses (one horse is over 30 years old). She keeps telling friends that she will meet Callie on the 'rainbow bridge.'"

"She has 2 daughters (me and my sister) and 5 grandchildren. I did not want pictures for all these people, just maybe their initials somewhere, like inside flowers or something? I am a "J" and so is my sister. Then the grand kids are C,K,C,K, and B."

So with photos in hand, I went to work on the caricature.  Drawing animals isn't too very hard for me.  I actually don't like drawing horses.  I've never seem to do very well.  The main thing when drawing pets is trying to be sure to get the right spots in the right places.  Jodi was kind enough to send me several good photos of the pets.  That makes my job a whole lot easier.

On Christmas day Jodi and family got to watch her mom open the gift while "Skyping" on the computer.  (If you haven't discovered Skype yet, it's terrific!)  She took photos of the computer screen while the unveiling was done.  This is a first for me.  "HaHa" is what the grandkids call her.  There's got to be a good story behind that one.

Jodi wrote, "THANK YOU!!!  We just watched her open it on the computer a few minutes ago. She was absolutely speechless (which is a rarity) and she cried!!! I took some pictures of the computer screen and I will send them. Thanks for helping me give her probably the best gift ever!!! I was the one who set up her face book account.  I just put this picture as her profile picture. She is getting some GREAT comments and she hasn't even been home to see them yet!"

"The best gift EVER!?!"  Now,  I like reading that!  Here are the photos that Jodi sent me...

Thanks Jodi.  Those photos are a precious part of my doodling unveiling collection.  They are definitely  a classic.  Give your mother my greetings.  I was so happy to be a part of making her Christmas merrier.

Some day we'll all sit virtually in each other's living rooms while we open our presents.  I'm not sure that I want to be around when that happens. 

Update:  I received an e-mail from"HaHa" regarding the caricature.  It was so nice I wanted to include it with this post...

Hi Rick, I am Haha, Jodi Smith’s mother. Talk about a surprise!!. It was wonderful to see your interpretation of the pictures Jodi sent you for my present. The story behind my  name, Haha, comes from the Jodi’s oldest son, Collin. You know- the whatever the first  grandchild calls you will last thru all of them.  As I am told, I used to say hahahahaha to him all the time to get him to smile. I am a loud-mouth yankee, so  I guess it mad an impression on him.  As far as the” rainbow bridge”, there is a poem about  beloved pets when they die. Please look it up, and you will know why I cried  when I saw her, which I did not at first. I was so busy looking at each pet individually, and was so shocked at the whole idea of this masterpiece. My animals are very precious to me and bring me so much comfort. Jeffrey the 3 legged boxer has become a Therapy dog and visits nursing homes, children’s homes, special ed. Classes. Etc.  After Callie died, I said if there was a special kity that needed me, I would probably adopt it. Sure enough, there was Journie, with just one eye- another calico. How could I pass on her??. She is a joy, fun and helps ease the vacant spot Callie left after 17 years.  My daughters and sons-in law are  wonderful to me. My grandchildren are the most beautiful  you have ever seen. Talk about  love. They give so much and make life complete. You picture has drawn acclaim on my facebook site from other countries as well as here.  Know, that your artistry has brought me much joy and smiles.

Warmly, Rose

Thank you Rose.  You are most welcomed.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Rewind

I don't like to repost my doodles, but I updated this one from last year—to make it fit better closer to Christmas.  I thought that perhaps some of you bloggers would share in the sentiment that is expressed in this drawing.  If you're not ready by now it's almost too late.  Copy & Share If You Dare. Merry Christmas to all.

Friday, December 18, 2009

You're On the Naughty List

I drew this little ditty while waisting some time watching some television.  It's been a while since I've done any nonsense doodling.  It felt good—like old times.

Have you been naughty?  Then please Copy & Share If You Dare.  (Remember that means you have to tell me if you're posting it on your blog.  I want to come over and visit.)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ann's Flower Power

Ann is another good friend.  She is one of those kind of people that is so nice it makes you wonder what she's been up to.  This is a photo of her stating next to my wife, Marylynn.  (They both are vertically challenged) 

Ann is the choir director at our church, plus she plays the guitar and sings.  That makes her a triple threat, I guess.

When I first thought about doodling her I was thinking about drawing her as the flying, singing nun.  But, after further thinking, I decided to turn Ann into a flower child tiptoeing through the tulips.

I gave Ann her illustration at the same get-together where I presented Gene (previous post) with his.  In Ann's own words she said that it will be something that she treasures.  I told her that I wanted to see it over the mantel of her fireplace.  Then she told me she didn't have a fireplace.  So, then I told her to hang it in her bathroom.  She just laughed.  (I think that means no.)

I have a "Copy & and Share" Christmas doodle coming next—just in time for the holiday.  So stay "tooned."

Monday, December 14, 2009

Gene, Gene-Ridin' an American Machine

I've been working on Christ- mas gifts lately.  So some of my work I can't post until after Christmas.  But here's one of two gifts that I gave out just this evening.

Gene is a good friend and one of my riding buddies.  I wanted to create something special for him.  He rides a big 'o Harley but recently he told me that he's going to be building a chopper out of a defunct motorcycle that he purchased.  So, when I was thinking about creating a doodle for him I thought, "Why not put him on the most famous chopper in history—the Captain America bike." The motorcycle made famous in the movie Easy Rider.  I think it's a very boring movie, but it has it's moments.  Like this scene, for example.

We're looking for our family being together for Christ- mas. Our youngest comes home for her first Christmas while away at college this week.  We're praying for clear-dry roads on Friday as she makes the 12 hour trip back from Idaho.  Gene opened his gift during a party we were hosting.  I think that it was well received by all the guest, and Gene seemed happy with his doodle.

Daughter number two comes home on the 23rd, and our number one girl with son-in-law number one coming in the day after Christ- mas.  So, at some point we will get to all be together again.  I am really looking forward to having them all together tucked away in their beds at night.  It's a father thing.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Sundry of Choas

This is a photo of the daughter of some good friends, Steve and Denise. Some months ago I finished this caricature that she is holding. I thought that I had kept of copy of the illustration, but I can't seem to find it in my growing library of faces that I've collected over the years. So, the photo that Steve sent me of their lovely daughter holding the illustration will have to do, until such time that I am able to find my copy.

The illustration portrays their daughter sitting at her desk while a sundry of chaos ensues around her. (I like that last sentence. I think that it makes me sound all egucated.) Maybe you can see some details if you zoom in on the photo. But, otherwise, you'll just have to take my word that the doodle ain't half bad.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Yarn Candi

I know. I know. I've been MIA far too long. It's strange that it's so hard to get back into the rhythm of blogging when you get out of the habit. But I've had so many people tell me that they miss seeing new updates here that I just can't let it go too long.

Christmas is upon us and while I don't have as many request for caricatures as I have in the last two years I still have some pieces that I am working on.

This particular illustration is not a Christmas order, but one that Candi ordered for her blog several months back. She is a return customer. I created a doodle of her pilot husband back in May. I guess she liked it well enough to order one of herself.

This illustra- tion is actually a second attempt by me of her. I created one that I wasn't totally happy with, but then realized that I spelled her name with a "y" instead of an "i" on the end of Candi. That frustrated me so much that I put the project aside and then didn't get back to it until I had finished by little six week vacation. Candi was very patient with me and I am very appreciative about that.

I like the way this one turned out a whole lot more then the other one. She said that she liked it too, and that's what matters the most. Candi is going to be posting it as a header on her blog sometime in the future. It's not up there yet, so I guess you'll have to keep checking back until she gets it up. In the meantime you can order some yard candi from her.

In other news, I continue to add pages to my children picture book project. That's another one of the reasons I haven't been posting as much. I don't want to post any of that work here. Maybe someday you'll be able to order a copy of it off my blog. Just stay "tooned."

Friday, September 25, 2009

Nix It On the Pig Slop

Here's a little doodle that I've had tucked away on my pad of paper. I've been slowly working on it bit by bit. I finished it two nights ago while Marla was studying for her test.

As usual I started with a face which turned into the whole angry farmer. While I draw these sketches I'm generally running captions through my head. I was trying to figure out what this angry farmer wanted to say. Then it hit me! Pig slop! He was angry about pig slop.

I think that this doodle has many applications. Maybe it applies to your school cafeteria. It very well could have political undertones. (Or overtones. I don't know) If you're like me you've felt like someone has been feeding you a boat load of pig slop of late. This doodle applies no matter which side of the isle you're on—mine, or the wrong one. (insert smilie face here)

So, Copy & Share If You Dare.

We're heading across Wyoming today and plan to make South Dakota tonight. Say a pray for us and no throwing pig slop around while we're away.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Elk in the Reeds

Sorry, but my mind has been on so many other things lately that I've given myself very little time for doodling. We're getting ready to take our youngest to college in a week. That's been on my mind a lot. Maybe there will be some "empty nest" illustrations in the making very soon. Sometime after that my wife and I are going to take an extended vacation. I plan to get some serious work done on the book I want to illustrate while we are traveling.

In the mean time, I offer this recent shot of an elk I took near Reedsport, OR. There is a viewing spot there on the highway going east out of town where a herd of them hang out. That day they we especially close the the road side. Copy & Share If You Dare.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Really Black Sheep

I've been at my second children's camp this summer for the past week. I love working with the kids but the four hour drive back from camp with a van full of junior boys just about did me in. I may be getting too old for this sort of thing.

I tried to post this doodle before I left but couldn't get it done. I am headed to a family reunion in Yellowstone Park tomorrow morning, so I am squeezing in the time to get this post up before I leave.

This doodle is for one John, who contacted me about creating this drawing for a group of men at his church. He wrote, "Hi Rick, My church (ufpc.org) has a loosely organized men's group called the Black Sheep Boys (in contrast to the women's group "the Buffalo Gals" that my wife says was co-opted from a song...). I'm wondering what you would charge for an appropriately tranquil (ha!) caricature for us?"

It turns out that he wasn't particularly looking for a caricature, but more of some kind of fun logo for their group. I think that perhaps John saw some of my other black sheep illustrations on this blog. He was happy with my creation. Next, maybe the Buffalo Gals will come a calling.

I'm looking forward to sharing the doodle I made while at camp, but it will have to wait.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Space Nerd

This is just a little doodle that I put together while I was working at the kid's camp a couple of weeks ago. I'm calling it Space Nerd, for what I think are obvious reasons. There are a few details in the drawing you might enjoy upon closer examination.

In fact, for a mere $35 (plus $3 S&H) this original bit of artwork could be yours for the taking. Just e-mail me at the provide address on the right and we'll set things into motion.

Details: The original art is a pen and ink illustration drawn on an 11x14 piece of card stock. Contact me and this doodle (Eggy included) will be yours.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Baby Burrito Bro's B-Day

Heather needed a gift for her brother's, Cisco, 30th birthday. She wrote me and said, "Dear Rick, I'm a daily follower of your blog and laugh silently to myself at your Facebook posts. Anyways, I'm inquiring as to the price and time needed for a drawing? My 'kid' brother is turning 30 this year and needs something extra special. I know you're a VERY popular guy these days, and your artwork is in high demand."

(I just had to include that part about me being very popular. My tender ego thrives on comments like that.)

There were two things that caught my attention when Heather wrote about her brother to me. 1. He is a Mt. Bike rider that enjoys making his own trails down the mountains, and 2. He drove a burrito delivery truck.

( I would LOVE to have a burrito delivery truck cruising my neighborhood, so much better than an ice cream truck.)

So, I went to work on Heather's brother and this is what I came up with. I was a bit worried that Heather might not like having her brother depicted riding over a cliff, but unlike some previous customers of mine, Heather apparently has a sense of humor.

She was kind enough to send me this pics of the unveiling. The smile on Baby Brother's face says it all to me. (And doesn't he have a nice smile at that.)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bird On Duty Continued

I'm still working on finishing up the request for an image to be used on a coin for the Pelican Bay Correctional Officers (Prison Guards). You can check out an earlier version on my May 12th post. This is like the third rendition. I am hoping that their happy with this one. I haven't heard back from my friend, the guard, yet. So, well see.

Tomorrow I'm headed out on my annual three day motorcycle ride. This is a photo from last year's ride.

I'm looking forward to stopping in at the De Poe Bay Candy Shop to collect my "payment" for the Bee Spit Candy drawing that I did. I don't have to even ask what my wife wants. Anything with chocolate and nuts is always top on her list.

There are 10 riders and two young men going with us. Pray that we will have a safe journey.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bee Spit Candy

I was away from my com- puter for a few days, helping out at a child- ren's camp. While there I reacquainted myself with the owner of a candy shop in De Poe Bay, Oregon—Teri Ann. She told me about a time when a customer was agitate about a bee that was hanging around the caramel corn in her shop. The customer seemed disturbed that she was not as concerned as he was about the bee's presence in her shop. She told him that it was no big deal, after all, she said, we eat their spit. (aka: Honey)

I said she should call her candy shop, Bee Spit Candy, and of course, I got an idea for a doodle and had to put it on paper.

Teri Ann was very excited when I showed her what I was drawing. When I was done she said that she was going to use it to start a whole line of candy made from honey. I told her that I was going to be going through De Poe Bay next Wednesday and asked her if the drawing was worth some free candy to her. She said, "Of course." So, next week I'm going on my annual three day motorcycle ride, and I'm going to make 10 guys on their bikes stop while I settle up with her for some free candy. I asked her if she had anything with chocolate and nuts. She recited off a long list of items I could choose from. I hope she REALLY appreciates the drawing.

She didn't see the color version of this drawing. I colored in my computer after I got home.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Life is Intense

It's easy to get out of rhythm with this blog thing. I didn't realize until yesterday that I should have put a 4th of July doodle together. I tried to put something together quickly, scanned it, but I don't know what happened to it.

Anyways, Happy 4th people.

I did do this little doodle while I was sitting at the table with my wife and daughter the other day. I thought you might like to see it. Copy & Share If You Dare.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Polly's Pal, Pup & Pachyderm.

Polly wanted an illustration of her husband.  He is an avid Alabama fan—the Crimson Tide.  I suggested an illustration of him enjoying a game with a Crimson Tide elephant.  (Someone please tell what a Crimson Tide has to do with elephants.)  She requested that their pup, Brinkley be included in the drawing.  "No problem," I says.  And away I went.

I think this was the longest time I've been away from my blog without a traveling excuse. The loss of my computer really threw me off my game. I will be getting back into regular posting. I will HAVE TO because I have a number of request pending that I need to get done.

I appreciate your patience and the visits to this bit of insanity on the internet.

God speed.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Computer Arrived

Sorry that I have been absent from this blog for the past several days. My new laptop arrived in the mail yesterday. (yippie!!) I'm going to get some of the files transferred off the old hard drive onto the new comptuer today. I'll be VERY glad when that finally happens. It's been a long time in coming and there's some stuff on there that I've been needing very badly. I'm falling behind on my caricature requests. I'm going to have to remember to backup my files more frequently.

In the meantime, this is an update on my attempt at creating a children's book for publication. The pen work on Sully the skunk and on the background for page one is done. My plan is to do the color work on the computer. My daughter's boyfriend gave me a few tips on Photoshop while he was here. One click of the mouse openned up a whole new world in Photoshop for me.

Thanks for sticking with me during what turned out to be Black June for me. Computers!! Alas!! You can't live with them and you can't live with them. (Is that how that saying goes?)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Elementary My Dear Principle

Mr. Town is the principle of the Pinewood Community School. Kathy, the school's Instructional Assistant, contacted me about creating a caricature of him to be presented as an end of the school year gift.

She wrote me and said, "He does this funny thing on our morning televised news program where he is 'Mr. Town, Defective Detective'. He plays a kazoo and uses a magnifying glass (much like Sherlock Holmes-type guy)."

So, once again, I went to the internet for artistic direction. This time it was the hunt for images of Sherlock Holmes. (Elementary ain't it?)

Mr. Town, I learned was also a bee keeper, and a Minnesota Twins fan. Thus the bees and the baseball pennant.

This is the finished product. What do you think, my dear Watson?

School's out. I hadn't heard what Mr. Town's response was, but I figure this being summer and all, he's probably a happy little principle either way.

Update: I received an e-mail from Sherlock Mr. Town himself this morning. He said, "Hey Rick, Loved the picture. It will be hanging in a place of honor in my office. My wife thought it looked just like me. I do work in the best elementary in the world. If you are ever out here stop in. Have a great summer! Sincerely, Cris"

Thank you for those kind words Mr. Town. Maybe I should take this opportunity to go back to grade school and do a better job.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Outside The Box

Some- times an idea comes to mind and I just have to stop and drawing it—no matter how busy I am.

We've been getting ready for the reception of our daughter's high school graduation today. We were up late getting a display of photos and memorabilia together. Then the other two daughters arrived, plus SIL, PLUS boyfriend! (What can I say?) The commencement is tomorrow. There will probably be photos.

I had a ton of stuff to get done, but this doodle came to mind and I just had to doodle it. It's what I do.

Have you been thinking outside the box lately? Then clean up the mess you left behind and then Copy & Share If You Dare.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Dog Fight

Candi contacted me about creating an illustration of her husband for their 34th wedding anniversary on May 31st.

She wrote me and said... "I would like you to do a drawing for me if possible. I know you hate drawing machines, but this one would have to have an airplane in it—a 45 year old Beechcraft Bonanza P-35."

Well, yes, I don't like drawing machines, but I like helping a couple of love birds celebrate their special day. I suggested the idea of sitting her hubby up in a desperate dog fight with the infamous Red Baron. I had fun searching the internet for images of the plane of the famed Germany pilot. There were even a few Snoopy pics that came up in the search.

I found this illustration of a dog fight and I really liked the clouds, so I decided to try and mimic them in my illustration.

Here's what I put together. Candi liked it. She said, " I received the drawing today and it’s perfect. My daughters also think it’s great (I emailed them the copy you sent me), and I’m sure my husband will love it. I’m going to try to get it framed before Sunday, but if I don’t, I’ll give it to him as is and frame it later. You really did a fantastic job. Thank you so much."

That's the kind of report I love to read! Reading things like "Perfect", "fantastic job" help this poor tender ego of mine. Mark Twain once said, "I can live for two months on a good compliment." Unfortunately for me I can only make it to the next day on a good one. I'm constantly needing image support.

Thank you Candi for your kind words, and for trusting me to help celebrate your anniversary. Congratulations on 34 years of marriage. Call me again when you make 68, and in the mean time, keep an eye on the sky!