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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Really Black Sheep

I've been at my second children's camp this summer for the past week. I love working with the kids but the four hour drive back from camp with a van full of junior boys just about did me in. I may be getting too old for this sort of thing.

I tried to post this doodle before I left but couldn't get it done. I am headed to a family reunion in Yellowstone Park tomorrow morning, so I am squeezing in the time to get this post up before I leave.

This doodle is for one John, who contacted me about creating this drawing for a group of men at his church. He wrote, "Hi Rick, My church (ufpc.org) has a loosely organized men's group called the Black Sheep Boys (in contrast to the women's group "the Buffalo Gals" that my wife says was co-opted from a song...). I'm wondering what you would charge for an appropriately tranquil (ha!) caricature for us?"

It turns out that he wasn't particularly looking for a caricature, but more of some kind of fun logo for their group. I think that perhaps John saw some of my other black sheep illustrations on this blog. He was happy with my creation. Next, maybe the Buffalo Gals will come a calling.

I'm looking forward to sharing the doodle I made while at camp, but it will have to wait.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Space Nerd

This is just a little doodle that I put together while I was working at the kid's camp a couple of weeks ago. I'm calling it Space Nerd, for what I think are obvious reasons. There are a few details in the drawing you might enjoy upon closer examination.

In fact, for a mere $35 (plus $3 S&H) this original bit of artwork could be yours for the taking. Just e-mail me at the provide address on the right and we'll set things into motion.

Details: The original art is a pen and ink illustration drawn on an 11x14 piece of card stock. Contact me and this doodle (Eggy included) will be yours.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Baby Burrito Bro's B-Day

Heather needed a gift for her brother's, Cisco, 30th birthday. She wrote me and said, "Dear Rick, I'm a daily follower of your blog and laugh silently to myself at your Facebook posts. Anyways, I'm inquiring as to the price and time needed for a drawing? My 'kid' brother is turning 30 this year and needs something extra special. I know you're a VERY popular guy these days, and your artwork is in high demand."

(I just had to include that part about me being very popular. My tender ego thrives on comments like that.)

There were two things that caught my attention when Heather wrote about her brother to me. 1. He is a Mt. Bike rider that enjoys making his own trails down the mountains, and 2. He drove a burrito delivery truck.

( I would LOVE to have a burrito delivery truck cruising my neighborhood, so much better than an ice cream truck.)

So, I went to work on Heather's brother and this is what I came up with. I was a bit worried that Heather might not like having her brother depicted riding over a cliff, but unlike some previous customers of mine, Heather apparently has a sense of humor.

She was kind enough to send me this pics of the unveiling. The smile on Baby Brother's face says it all to me. (And doesn't he have a nice smile at that.)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bird On Duty Continued

I'm still working on finishing up the request for an image to be used on a coin for the Pelican Bay Correctional Officers (Prison Guards). You can check out an earlier version on my May 12th post. This is like the third rendition. I am hoping that their happy with this one. I haven't heard back from my friend, the guard, yet. So, well see.

Tomorrow I'm headed out on my annual three day motorcycle ride. This is a photo from last year's ride.

I'm looking forward to stopping in at the De Poe Bay Candy Shop to collect my "payment" for the Bee Spit Candy drawing that I did. I don't have to even ask what my wife wants. Anything with chocolate and nuts is always top on her list.

There are 10 riders and two young men going with us. Pray that we will have a safe journey.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bee Spit Candy

I was away from my com- puter for a few days, helping out at a child- ren's camp. While there I reacquainted myself with the owner of a candy shop in De Poe Bay, Oregon—Teri Ann. She told me about a time when a customer was agitate about a bee that was hanging around the caramel corn in her shop. The customer seemed disturbed that she was not as concerned as he was about the bee's presence in her shop. She told him that it was no big deal, after all, she said, we eat their spit. (aka: Honey)

I said she should call her candy shop, Bee Spit Candy, and of course, I got an idea for a doodle and had to put it on paper.

Teri Ann was very excited when I showed her what I was drawing. When I was done she said that she was going to use it to start a whole line of candy made from honey. I told her that I was going to be going through De Poe Bay next Wednesday and asked her if the drawing was worth some free candy to her. She said, "Of course." So, next week I'm going on my annual three day motorcycle ride, and I'm going to make 10 guys on their bikes stop while I settle up with her for some free candy. I asked her if she had anything with chocolate and nuts. She recited off a long list of items I could choose from. I hope she REALLY appreciates the drawing.

She didn't see the color version of this drawing. I colored in my computer after I got home.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Life is Intense

It's easy to get out of rhythm with this blog thing. I didn't realize until yesterday that I should have put a 4th of July doodle together. I tried to put something together quickly, scanned it, but I don't know what happened to it.

Anyways, Happy 4th people.

I did do this little doodle while I was sitting at the table with my wife and daughter the other day. I thought you might like to see it. Copy & Share If You Dare.