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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Where My Brain Is

Well, I'm sitting at 40 pounds down since June 12th. I have a goal of reaching 50lbs by Jan. 12th. That will mean 6 months on this "life-style change" that I've been on. At least, that's what my Son-in-law, Ben, calls it. He took on the challenge of acting as my trainer while I am on this campaign. Lately the "life-style change" has felt more like a diet. Ben has me on, what he calls, a "December to remember" program—no breads, no cereal, no chips, no pasta, none of that. The good news is that I can eat all the meat and fruit that I want. I am definitely into meat. On top of all that I have a light workout routine that I do three times a week, and I walk one hour each day—no small task. It seems to be working.

The other day I was walking down a street am I'm thinking, "My body is out on the road, but where is my mind?" I'll show you where my mind was...

That's where it was, and he (my brain) wasn't helping me out on that road one cotton-pickin' bit! Where's your brain been these days? Copy & Share If You Dare