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Monday, November 19, 2007

Eight Random Things & Walking Dino

I was "tagged" the other day by Lucinda Naia. You can find her at When You're Ready to SOAR. I've seen this tagging stuff before while visiting various blogs on my travels around the net. Honestly, I feared that eventually someone might "tag" me. While I want to be a good member of the blogging community, and I understand the concept of getting more people to link to your site so that you can have a great presence on the web, I fear that I am the weak link in the chain when it comes to passing the fun onward.

So, I'm not going to turn around and tag eight other people. I don't personally know that many people who have blogs. But I am honored to be chosen by Lucinda and I do encourage you to visit her site; if for no other reason than to see her nice smile.

In the mean time, the rules state that I am suppose to tell you eight random things about me. It's hard for me to believe that anyone would want to know eight random things about me; much less two or three. (that I haven't revealed somewhere on this blog already). But for the curious, here we go...

1. I've lived in Oklahoma (born there), Missouri, Texas, Idaho, Colorado (back to Oklahoma) (back to Missouri) (back to Oklahoma) Arizona, (back to Oklahoma), California, now Oregon. That's pretty random.

2. I have a great view of the Pacific Ocean from my house. I am very lucky that way.

3. My social security number is... Ooops! - forget that one. Uh, well... I have a social security number.

4. I can't spell my way out of a paper bag. Maybe you've noitced.

5. I don't like meatloaf. But doesn't everybody? (I know you meatloaf lovers out there will respond to that one.)

(Three more to go. This is getting harder.)

6. I have a sister that is single - never married. I'll be happy to forward you her personal information. (She visits my blog on occasion - just to check my spelling. I love you Jan.)

7. I got claustrophobic (I had to look that word up to spell it.) on a recent cruise that my wife and I took. They call those closets "cabins" and expect you to live in them for a week.

8. When my wife first met me she thought, "Ewe, I hope he never ask me out." (I guess it was my winning personality that won her over.)

And for art enthusiast out there... Here is another bit of airplane art.

This is may be my favorite illustration from my recent trip to Oklahoma. It shares a similar theme with an earlier post of mine... Caveman Hunt .

What do you think about this one?


Jennifer McKenzie said...

Nice drawings I've seen so far. And you have a gorgeous view of the Pacific Ocean. You are lucky. I live by it, but I don't have that kind of view.

Anonymous said...

Funny random things. I like the SSN one. And I can't believe you really have that view of the ocean. Unbelievable.
I haven't read enough... why are you always flying somewhere? To doodle?

Melissa said...

Wow - I didn't realize you did that picture for Dawn - how cool! LOVE your view - unbelievable. Thanks for visiting my site!

Monica said...

OOps - my SIL was signed in and I didn't realize it, so that last comment was from me... thanks for visiting MY blog (she doesn't have one)... confused? yep. probably. me too.

Julie said...

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog! Guessing you got there from Dawn's? I see your comments there sometimes. I like your drawings, very creative. I have a hard time drawing stick figures...LOL Have a fantastic Thanksgiving, I'm off to do marathon cleaning/shopping/cooking/more cleaning/etc.

Kristy said...

thanks for the comment on my page. i sent you an email about a drawing doodle thing. i cant spell either, my mom loves to correct me. at least your sister does it for you. hope you had a great thanksgiving!

FENICLE said...

Very random, but interesting. Your view of the ocean is fantastic! I have always wanted to visit Oregon.

Your poor sister :) And your drawings are awesome! Very talented!

(BTW - my FIL is seriously clueless, that is how I got the sock picture!!)

KellyJean said...

LOVE your view!!! Oh my gosh. That is just amazing!

I love your caricatures too! You do a wonderful job of capturing whatever it is that makes that person look like them. I'm going to have to come back and look over your other posts more carefully.

Thanks for commenting on my blog!

Anonymous said...

The Poor Sister Said... Did I give you permission to use my picture? And... there a lot of things worse in life than being single (like having 5 siblings that aren't).

Rick said...

When you publish your photo on the WORLD WIDE WEB you have to take into consideration that anyone might just come along and use it for their own purposes.

See how spirited she is folks? Any takers out there?

Myla said...

I like your art. You are very talented. It is interesting that you found me today because I ran into your artwork on someone else's blog today. It was the picture of the mom and the shoe at the beginning of your blog. I liked it then and now I am so glad to say I know the artist. I am going to tell my readers about your art in a post if you do not mind.

Lucinda Naia said...

I know, I know.... I've been slow to get back over to your blog & see your random things!

But they were well worth reading. I love your sense of humor and it shines through your writing!

Thanks for participating in the tagging. I still believe it's a fun way to build relationships in this blogging universe

Totally envious of your view of the Pacific Ocean! I haven't yet visited Oregon - maybe I'll have to do that in 2008

Lucinda Naia said...

Forgot to mention that I love this doodle of the caveman!

Like your sister, I am single - not yet married. I really hate the phrase "never married" because it sounds like that's the final answer. When I die, if I didn't ever marry, you can call me "never married" LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

My other philosophy - I'd rather be single & lonely sometimes than married & miserable

Rick said...

Thanks Lucinda for the nice comment. When you're ready to visit the Oregon Coast drop in on the wife and I - we have room.

My sister will appreciate your "never married" remark. She's made the "Anonymous said..." comment - as if you couldn't tell.

Emilia said...

great to know you! :)

choix said...

Thank you for the comment on my view-pictures :)
Your view is beautiful too! And yes, the view changes alle the time! But ofcourse we have the boring gray days as well ;P No need to post pictures of them...! :)
And btw: Great drawings!! I would love a drawing like that of myself! :)