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Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Sub

Did you ever have one of those substitute teachers that was as mean as a bear? I did. I think that they're worried that the class would try to take advantage of them since they didn't know anybody. And, of course, that was true. So the sub turns up the "mean factor" in the classroom to try and get the upper hand.

This above illustration addresses two questions: 1. What would the ultimate mean substitute look like? and 2. What would they eat? The answer to the first question is obvious - like a bear. The answer to the second question is merely suggested - perhaps, students?

Now, for those naturalist out there who might be wanting to say that bears aren't strictly "carnivores," but are "omnivores", (The kind of animal that eats either meat or plants) I say... A. Stop trying to show off! and B. If you were a 6ft., 400 lb. bear, that could talk, you probably would be strictly a carnivore.

You can't get in a position like that eating nuts and berries. You would have to be a meat eater!

What do YOU think?

P.S. Yes, the Egg-Man made it to class.


Hood River Jim said...

I think I found the egg man pulling a prank on the poor sub. If that's incorrect, then I say you've changed your egg man style to look surprisingly like a self-portrait in the door window!

onthegomom said...

I love how Mrs. Carnivore has on lipstick. Love it! Even if you're a bear, you need your lipstick!


suburbancorrespondent said...

Hmmm....maybe the bear should be saying something along the lines of..."Shouldn't that apple be in your mouth?" No, no...how about "Great! Now lie down on my desk with the apple in your mouth, and we're in business!"

Andrea said...

LOL that is funny. I think all our subs at school were too scared to be mean!! I found egg man!! He looks like he might be a bit smashed!!!

Jay Cam said...

lol yeah that sub will eat the students before lunch!

i always wanted to get taller, maybe the secret is eating students?