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Monday, November 5, 2007

Family Practice - Watch Football 1

I know that there are a lot of "Football Widows" out there. My wife is not one of them. I enjoy watching a good game, but I gave up on being any kind of "intense" fan a long time ago. BUT... what does the lone member of the male gender do in a household full of women when he wants to have a little companionship during a big game?

The answer is below...
Either buy a pair of reading glasses OR click on the image to get the full size.


Heidi said...

Very funny--thanks for sharing!

p.s. Did that really work for you? :)

Valarie said...

ha! I love the "buy a pair of reading glasses" part. I don't make my husband pay me, but sometimes a foot massage is involved.

Sleeping Mommy said...

Love the cartoons, Rick. Thanks for stopping by my place and leaving a comment. What a delight to find the creator of Dawn's Old Lady how lived in a shoe cartoon. I've been admiring it for quite a while. And then to find you are from Oklahoma!

P.S. I would fall under the Cowboy end of the spectrum in your definition of your typical Oklahoma sports fan. You did a great job of explaining what a Sooner is. ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm the woman in a man's world! All mad 'soccer-to-you-over-there' fans. Infact any sport always gets priority. I just joined them - it was easier!

onthegomom said...

I love football... and that is not because I am one of 2 females out of 5 in my house, I really do like it. But I would still take the $5 :)

Cute post!


JCK said...

Hi Rick,

Great comic strip. I'm enjoying your art work on your blog and wanted to thank you so much for not only stopping by and reading my blog, but making a comment. And... you are the first man to comment on my blog. Too cool.

Andrea said...

That is so true and funny!! My poor dad had one son and five daughters!! What is a man to do!!??