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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Family Practice - Watch Football 2

This is the follow-up strip to yesterday's post. Yesterday Heidi left a comment asking me, "Did this really work for you." Honestly, I never tried to bribe any of my three daughters into watching a football game with me. Believe me it would have taken more than $5 to get them to do it - I'm sure.

My oldest daughter is "seriously" dating a young man (see my Feb. 28th post) and he REALLY likes football. He's introducing me to the world an Fantasy Sports. (If had I to explain it you still wouldn't understand). But, maybe, if this relationship works out, I'll have someone to watch a game or two with me during the holiday seasons.

It's kind of scary trusting your daughter to pick out your first son for you. So far, so good.


Heidi said...

LOL! I love the wife's reaction--I can totally see that happening in real life. :)

And the daughter mistaking the field goal for a touch down--awesome! (That's exactly something I would do, if I could actually follow where the ball was for more than 5 seconds in a row).

Thanks for the laugh!

Emily said...

I was really flattered you took the time to leave a comment on my (albeit dying) blog. So thanks =]

Your drawings are really good! (Not that I need to tell you! Haha)I'll be reading from now on ;)

And also:...What's the difference between a field goal and a touchdown...? Haha
Me=Clueless. Totally clueless.

PS, LOVED your caricature of Dawn's family. It totally fits my mental image of her life.

Kate said...

Thanks for the visit(s), and stop by anytime! I think you're right, my daughter would enjoy your cartoons - you're bookmarked.

As for football, I'm a bad sportswife. I have learned some of the basics, such as the touchdown/FG or the ground rule double, but I still don't know what icing is.

Bronie said...

thanks for the visit. glad you got a giggle out of it. i love your art, and the fact that you can call it "doodles" makes ME laugh. love dawn's caricature. maybe we need one as well. i'll think on that.

Valarie said...

haha! Funny. My husband can get my son to watch with him (the one from the "boobie" post on my blog) if there are cheerleaders involved. I am so proud.

Moobs said...

Have you given your daughter a list of desirable characteristics?

Bound4Glory said...

I just found your site through a comment you left on Bent Objects; love your work!

The football scene is almost EXACTLY what goes on at my house except:
I, the single Mom, am the football fan--I am absolutely rabid about my football, and will watch almost any game that's on.

But for years I could NEVER get my children interested; they would flee when kickoff time was nearing. And therein lies the OTHER difference--my kids are both BOYS. There is something decidedly unAmerican about a boy who doesn't love football. I have taken my oldest to a game (a high school game where my best friend's son was the quarterback)--he sat in the stands, READING A BOOK! LOL...it's just sad.

My youngest, now 15, has finally begun to develop a little interest; he will go to the high school games with me, and will at least occasionally watch a quarter or so of the Tennessee Vol's games (admittedly, this year, sometimes that's about all you can take...)

I'm hooked (on your blog, not just football...)!