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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cow Chips

Some doodles are best left unexplained. Therefore I will unexplain it.

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Also: I'm still working on posting follow up reports from Christmas. I think I got more feedback and photos this year than I did the last. I really enjoy getting them.

Here is another...

Pat had me doodle up an illustration of her trooper son. She sent me this note and the following photos.

Hi Rick, I'm finally getting around to sending you a couple of pictures of Mike, taken on Christmas morning, as he opened his caricature that you made for him. Needless to say, he was besides himself when he opened it ... he just laughed and laughed and thought this was the neatest thing!!! He kept looking at it and pointing things out, and then he'd laugh and laugh. He was amazed at the story behind it. He was going to take pictures with his cell phone and send to his trooper buddies throughout the state (easiest way to get it everywhere instantly), although he admitted no picture does it justice. He's told me several times later that that was the best Christmas gift ever. *sigh* He's going to have it framed at the same place where he's gotten his diploma and class picture done so it's all matching.

Many thanks Rick for a job well done ... it was fun and neat seeing 'my trooper' soooo happy!!!

Now that's the kind of follow up report I love to get.!!! "The best Christmas gift ever?" What can I say? I'm practically speechless. Practically. Nearly. Almost. Eventually.

Thanks Pat for those very very kind words. And before I get a chance to visit your beautiful state would you mind giving me your son's badge number—just in case I develop any ticketing issues while I'm there. After all, I did create his "best Christmas gift ever." That ought to mean something in the court of law.


Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

You always seem to 'crack' me up when you post. I never leave here without a smile on my face. :)

Your doodles are great and your humor very refreshing. Thanks for visiting my little blog. Glad you liked the 'mag' cover. It's just my little contribution to highlight some of my favorite blogs and I think yours rocks! xxoo

GE is me said...

Rick, I agree with Carolyn. I did get a chuckle this am.

GE is me said...

I blogged about you! :) Go check it out! -G

Anonymous said...

I like that cow chips doodle - but what the heck are cow chips????

You must remember there are foreigners reading this too!


Rick said...

To Gail Hello Gail, my very proper English blogging friend. Don't they have Cow Chips in the U.K.?

Wel... ummm... ok.... a Cow Chip is basically a piece of cried cow manure. Certainly not edible. But great material for comic relief.

For a further education on Cow Chips and some great Americana follow this link..

Cow Chips

Missy said...

It must feel good to know that your art can brighten a persons day so much. You do such a great job!


Anonymous said...

Oh, you mean cow pat crusts?

I did a fair bit of crust flinging as a child. You poke a stick through the middle and lift it off the wet stuff with the bugs in, and then see how far you can fling it with the stick.

It really is a small world.

Rick said...

To Gail (again): Stick? Wet? No, no, no. No sticks. No wet. Just let the thing sit in the pasture a while until it dries out really good. Then pick it up with your hands and fling the thing like a Frisbee to see how far you can make it go.

Erika Jean said...

I love the cow in that first doodle!
And your making up there with diplomas? Heck yeah!

Debra said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog and being impressed with my mad house cleaning skills!

You have some mad skills yourself..great job on the cow!! And it looks like you are a very gifted artist.

Happy Sunday!

Kim VanDerhoek said...

This is doodle is very funny! I'm still chuckling.

Reddirt Woman said...

That was a particularly good doodle you did for him. No wonder he is so proud and she is so thrilled to have surprised him so.

Isn't it just plain ole good clean fun, Mr. Elf of Joy!

AlaneM said...

I love what the cow is thinking...cracked me up!!