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Friday, January 9, 2009

Pay Attention!!

It's 5 in the AM here in Oregon. My BIL's, Jim, memorial service is today. My sister Becky has asked me a share a few words. So that's on my mind. I'm sitting in a motel lobby at the moment because the WiFi doesn't seem to reach our room. Grrrr!!!!

I really appreciate all the kind comments many of you gave on the previous post. This blog is suppose to be about crazy doodles, but every now and then life creeps in and one can't help but share. I appreciate your prayers from all my digital friends out there.

Still, there are a few doodle matters that I would like to go over. So, pay attention. Okay?

Leigh was was a winner of one of my doodles from my giveaway. She requested a copy of "Fat Music," which is a bit of airplane art that I doodled back in Oct. of '07 during one of my trips back to Oklahoma.

That choice presented a bit of a challenge for me since the original was drawn on a piece of paper meant for water color work. The texture of the paper made it difficult to create a clean copy. I ended up coloring the piece for Leigh because that covered up all the "gray extra areas" that the copier left—hoping that the alterations to the piece were acceptable for her.

Leigh wrote: Rick, I have to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart! I received my "doodle" (which is so much more than a "doodle") of "Fatman Blues."

(She changed the name, but I'm ok with that. Going on...)

I LOVE it. Adore it. And I love that you added even more character by coloring it in. It rocks! I am going to have it framed before I post it on my blog. I want it in it's state of glory. I think framing it will just set it off more. Rick, I truly love it. It has a good home, I can assure you. I will treasure it always. Thank you so much for the opportunity and for hosting the giveaway. Leigh

Thanks Leigh. I'm so glad that you liked it. A doodler like me lives for comments like that. I'll look forward to seeing the post on your blog. Especially since I didn't get a copy of it in it's colored form.


Carolyn was the first to request a copy of Doodlenormous, my bit of cartoon crazory that I create for public consumption. After getting her copy she dropped me a note and said...

Hi Rick! Wanted to let you know the Doodlenormous got here today. I am so pleased with it and have been staring at it since I opened it. Only found 12 eggy's so far ... I will keep looking. You said on your blog that there's one doodle unique to every one. I think my unique doodle might be the super worm. Am I right? I totally loved your 'self portrait' on the back of the envelope. That will be framed too, by the way. :) Thanks again for making this available to us 'doodle freaks', love that I was #1! You rock, dude! Carolyn xxoo

Thanks Carolyn. Yes, you are correct, Super Worm is your bit of originality on your copy. He's slimy, but he's strong. And thanks for the xxoo's. I'm blushing at the moment. P.S. Hide the self portrait. You'll thank me later for that bit of advice.

If any of the rest of you crazy bloggers would like to purchase a personally signed, and numbered copy of Doodlenormous you can contact me at... green_rick@juno.com. For a mere $10 (Plus $3 S&H - 5$ outside the U.S.) I will be happy to send you an 11x14 copy of one. It's a small price to pay for the hours you will spend mindlessly staring at the thing. Hey! We all need a break sometime. Just do it!!

Also, I've heard back from Chuck the grand prize winner of my giveaway, and also two of the other prizes winners should be getting their prizes in the mail soon. One more is in the processing of deciding. Look for updates on that front.

And now!!! One more doodle for the road. Here's another bit of doodlery that is the product of a brain that was made to sit still in an airplane headed to Oklahoma for hours upon end...

Copy & Share If You Dare. Maybe you have an upcoming "medical event" that you're not looking forward to and you're looking for a bit of art to commemorate the story. Please free free to post this baby. If you do copy, just drop me a note to let me know. I like to know what dark places my doodles have been hanging out.

P.S. It's now 6:30 AM! Wow!! That took a while. I need a nap.


darsden said...

Prayer to you and your family today Rick! I also have a request I would like to get with you on.

Chris said...

Sorry for you loss brother.

I have made this post the Featured Post of the day over at Worth a Thousand Words.

Michelle said...

Rick -- My condolences to you and your family. We will all be thinking about your today.


Blogging Mama said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope today will help.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

i am hoping that doodlenormous comes today I am so excited !!!!! hugs and prayers for you all today as you go through this memorial service!

Missy said...

It's pkay for life to creep in. I hope you and your family to get through this as easily as possible.

*HUGS* and very nice Doodles.

I'm anxious for mine to arrive!*M*

Reddirt Woman said...

Prayers, Rick, for your sister,and all the family. I know the right words will come to you and bring comfort to those who have a big hole in their hearts from Jim's passing.

You managed to pack a lot of info into this blog while sitting in the lobby of the motel.

What a wonderful doodle for Leigh to choose. Lots of bluesy feelings going on there.

I'm going to copy your doodle, but not post it yet. I'll have a 'medical procedure' in several months and will post it at that time and will, of course, let you know.

I hope the celebration of Jim's life will bring comfort to you all that he is in such a better place.


Leigh said...

Oops! Sorry I messed the title of my art piece up. Leave it to me. BUt I do, I absilutley Adore it. I will post very soon. Going to look for a frame today! Thanks Rick!

Leigh said...

Rick, I am so very sorry for your loss. You are in my prayers. May God hold and keep you and your fmaily during the days, weeks and months ahead. Be blessed friend.

Christine said...

Ooh I just had to use this copy and share doodle on one of my blogs. It's just my goofy personal blog where I share news and random stuff with friends mostly, but feel free to check it out! Thanks for sharing your great work!


Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Since we just lost our Dad in October of 2008, I know how this must be affecting you. You've spoken of how much Jim has touched your life and what a good man and friend he was to you. Look to God for the words and they will come. Speak from your heart and, as I always say, just breathe.

Thanks for posting my comment ... now I am the one 'blushing.' :) xxoo

Kila said...

"Fat Music" is fabulous! Love it.

And my condolences for your loss.

Millennium Housewife said...

Fab doodles, over from Mud's, best of luck today MH