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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

May I Call You

More doodle nonsense.

If I'm sitting still then I generally looking for a pen and paper to do a little doodling. I think that I'm ADD, or DDA, or DAA., or DOA. About 25 years ago I became DAD. That has certainly contributed to my present state of insanity. Whatever it is, my brain seeks constant entertainment. One evening this came out.

Copy & Share If You Dare

In other doodle news: The Old Testament Project that I've been working on with the Youth Pastor at our church has taken another step forward. It took me a while before I was able to add another image, but here is the latest update. This is a scan of a poor photocopy that I made. It is drawn in pencil on an 11x14 piece of card stock. When finished we hope to auction it off to raise money for our youth group. I'll keep you posted.

Also: I was nosing around on Erika's blog and discovered that she has been doing a little doodling. I asked permission to post this fine effort.

She honored me by writing: "I've always been a doodler - especially in class. Recently I have been looking at Rick's doodles(aka works of art) and I have been inspire to try to doodle THINGS. I'm not too great but who knows... maybe practice will make perfect? I sure am a loooong way from even attempting a person ;-)"

Erika seems like a fun young lady. Visit her blog and encourage her artistic efforts. Then ask her what geocaching is.

That's enough doodle news. You may return you to your regular programing now.


Reddirt Woman said...

I'm first? Isn't it fun for you to know that you encourage folks to pick up their pens and pencils again? You never know how many people you touch.

Thanks, and thanks to Erika for sharing.

'Blue' dirt woman

noexcuses said...


Up late again? Or did you know you'd sleep in because you had a snow day, too!

Erika looks like a real sweetheart. I'm sure your encouragement goes a long way with her.

I never knew about ADD until my son was diagnosed. Then I realized that I was ADD, and that I had married an ADD man. Two of my four children have been diagnosed with it. Some days I want to pull out every one of my white hairs one at a time, rather than work at finding a solution to one of the 20 crises of the day! But then I am reminded of the many gifts that God has given to these kids and I'm on my knees asking for a pardon for thinking thoughts of ill-will!

I'm always touched by your gifts, as well as your inspirational words. Thank you.

Natura said...

Great drawings! Your characters are so fun!

Anonymous said...


you know you have inspired me to do more doodling too.

unfortunately it's usually done on my meeting notes.

Erika Jean said...

Thanks for the Link love!!! I love that firs doodle hehe.

Geocaching is my new addiction!!

Kim VanDerhoek said...

Aw, you're a doodle mentor Rick!

DAD syndrome. Is that anything like MOM disorder? Because there needs to be medical research done on these conditions immediately!

Brenda said...

You have been working!! I love the OT drawing. Great job Erica!

James Parker said...

I am tickled purple to stumble on this blog...love your material. I'm down as a follower. Noticed your comment on the recurring Victorian house on another blog...That's a project from Different Strokes From Different Folks. Click my name and check out my attempts at cartooning and humor and you can link from there to DSFDF. Be seein ya from Costa Rica.

Missy said...

Ericka's doodles are cute.


Anonymous said...

The old testament doodle is amazing. I had so much fun just studying all the details. Very cool indeed!!!!

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Cool doodling.