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Monday, January 5, 2009

Drum Roll Please!


It's been a fun Great Big Humongous Giveaway. I passed my minimal goal of at least 200 post. I got a lot of help from some of you who were kind enough to post a link about the Giveaway. Thank you very much.

A special thanks to Dawn Meehan whose (nearly late) last minute post grab the attention of a number of her readers. Thanks Dawn.

By far, the biggest thanks goes to my own busy little fingers which did a ton of blog surfing to invite a plethora of bloggers on the web to come and check things out. Thank you fingers. I hope that I wasn't too hard on you.

I was happy to sell some copies of Doodle- normous. For a mere $10 (Plus $3 S&H - $5 outside the U.S.) I can make all your doodle dreams come true. Here's a sneak peak of what you will see...

Just e-mail me at green_rick@juno.com and I'll be happy to get one in your grubby hands. (That wasn't nice, was it?)

NOW, for the news you've been waiting for...

Last night my daughter helped me pick the names of the winners.

(One of you kind bloggers suggested that I use one of those automatic number generator sites. I really do appreciate the suggestion, but that seems so impersonal to me. Besides, how do I know that someone hasn't programed a favorite number into the number generator computer? I'll trust my daughters fingers over some unknown computer out on the web.)

So, with camera in my wife's hand, here are the results!!!!...

Prize Category #1: The winners of a free copy of one of my doodles are...

1. Fire Hunt, over at Fire Hunt

2. Leigh, over at Tales From Bloggerritaville

3. Geisme, over at Rantings From a Crazy Woman

4. Missy, over at Missyz Stuff

Congratulations winners! Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, will be to surf my blog and find the doodle that speaks to your heart, or funny bone. Then tell me your choice, and then I'll ship it your way!! I suggest you look at some of my older post, or the list of my favorite doodles shown in the right column. You choose which one you'd like a copy of and then give me your contact information by e-mailing me at green_rick@juno.com.

I'm looking forward to seeing which one you pick.

(This is a photo of my daughter looking goofy at me behind my back while I recorded the names of the winners. I made her stay up late to get the slips of paper ready for the drawing. She and her mother think I've gone nuts with this blogging thing. I don't know. What do you think?)

AND NOW!! For the Grand Prize Winner:

Congratulations to Chuck over at Chuck Thinks Right. (Which is obvious since he thought to sign up for my giveaway and won!)

Chuck, my lovely daughter has drawn your name out of the popcorn bowl. So, we need to talk. Please begin now getting some clear/large photos together that I can use to create your one of a kind caricature drawn with these already tired fingers.

Now Chuck, a word from last year's winner of this giveaway...

Dear Rick,

Just so you will know last year my entire life changed! Oh happy day! You will not believe it! Everyone started looking at me differently, I became a Major Player every where I traveled. Now I hang out with only the coolestt folks I have sampled many colorful foods while visiting several foreign places I am still on the go! Plus, Rick, much to my delight, I found complete peace and serenity very near my own home. What can I say? Thank you ever~so for making me a winner! I say this to the next winner of your. Hold on to your hat and enjoy the fame Sincerely, your friend in Florida

Thank you everyone who signed up for a chance to win.

I would love to give everyone a free doodle of their own, but, alas!, that's just not possible. But, if you're interested in purchasing one you can use my contact information to find out about how I price my caricatures. Most people find my prices very reasonable.

In the mean time I hope you'll stay "tooned" for further postings. Check in often as I try to post a new doodle every other day.

In fact a new doodle is long over due from me.

So here, for your nonsense pleasure, is another bit of nonsense drawn while on the plane during my recent trip to Oklahoma. Also, just colored this evening in my computer.

Maybe very soon you'll have a giveaway of your own. Please feel free to use this Copy & Share If You Dare doodle for yourself, and give me a heads up when you do.

Thank you all again. Stay tooned for more!!


darsden said...

Great Winners Post...LOL...Love the fact you included your daughter for the drawing. That made it special and personal! Her overjoyment was fantastic. Cool Beans!

darsden said...

oh and dangit ... it wasn't me

Me said...

Bummer! Always a bridesmaid, never a bride! Oh well, it won't keep me from visiting and enjoying your doodles! Congrats to the winners!

Missy said...

I won.. yay!! I never win anything.

P.S. I suggested the automated name drawing lol. I asure you, I do not have the skills to program my own software.

Anyway.. you're right, it wouldn't have been as personal or fun. I think it's neat though, I use it to pick people on Freecycle.. it's easier on me.

I'll go in and pick what I like... thanks again! Cool give away.


MaBunny said...

Congrats to the winners, and had it gotten past my blond fog I would have linked a post to your giveaway. /sigh sorry 'bout that:)

Leigh said...

Hi Rick!

I am so excited! I apprciate the opportunity. Now...I am off to check out the doodles ans see if I can make up my mind.

Thanks again and I will be in touch.

Brandy Rose said...

Congrats winners!

jennifer said...

Hello! Leigh of Bloggeritaville sent me to see your doodle today because I am the Dust Bunny Hostage!! With my expertise, I can say that you NAILED the image of the Evil Dust Bunny - nasty little boogers.

Congratulations to the the winners... lucky LuCkY LUCKY folks.

Have a blessed 2009!

Sandra in ABQ* said...

Congrats to the winners! And to Rick: No, you're not going overboard with your blog. We Love it!
Sandra in ABQ*

Pat Fidler Photography said...

So cool! Sorry to have not won but ever so thrilled for those who did! Conrats to you!!

Blogging Mama said...

I didn't see your comment on my blog about this until just now, darn!

Anyway love the doodles! Keep 'em coming!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

congratulations to all the winners you will not be dissapointed ! trust me on this we have 4 doodles and a whole door full of copy and share coloring pictures!
For all those newbies... stick around Ricks Great :)
OK rick since I am sucking up so well... LOL just kidding!
Cant wait to get MY doodlenormis!!!
Hugs LAura

AlaneM said...

I have just two things to say...
1. Congrats to the winners!
2. Waaaaaaaaaaah!!

Christy said...

Congrats to all the winners.. even though it wasn't me. :(

Love the pics Rick!!

Shannon said...

I'll cross my fingers for next year!

High Desert Diva said...

Congrats to the winners!

His Living Sacrifice said...

Congratulations to the winners! I am patiently waiting for my doodle. Who knew God would use a doodle to teach me patience, but He is and ever so patient am I.

Anonymous said...

Oh well, never mind, sigh.

BTW did you get my e-mail about the new job for me? I'm assuming not unless this giveaway thing has distracted you a little?


somepinkflowers said...

to all the winners!


just watch and see
how your life
will change
in The Most Amazing Ways.....

{{ i am a past winner
so i should know these things }}

Fire Hunt said...

There are a lot of your doodles that i like so I will need a little time1 LOL

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Congratulations to all the winners! Rick, I feel like a winner too since I will be getting your Big Humongous Doodle in the mail soon. :)

Loved the pictures of the drawing. Nice of your wife and daughter to be part of it.

All I can say is, you rock dude! xxoo

raccoonlover1963 said...

Hi Rick. I see that I missed out by not visiting lately. I haven't been on the computer blogging much lately. If you visit, you'll see why.
Neat idea for the give-away.
Take care and have a great week.

Chuck said...

Rick, sorry I have not responded. I can be a little slow at times. I agree with Darsden, it's cool that you made this a family affair. Thanks so much for selecting my name (or should the thanks go your daughter :)) I have sent you an e-mail.

jennifer said...

Hi Rick! I am working on a post right now that will have the Evil Dust Bunny pic on it - since you said that I could :) I should have it up tomorrow!!

GE is me said...

Rick, I'm excited that I won and that you stopped by my blog. I can't wait to get my doodle in the mail. Look for a blog post once I do. :)

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Oh, no way. I've been away, Rick, so I've missed your giveaway? Damn. Was that really 200-and-something comments. Wow. The odds were pretty slim, but maybe next time. Do we have to wait for your 300th post?

And, I'll copy your way of choosing the winner.

Terri Tiffany said...

Yay to the winners!!! I am hoping one year it will be me but if not--I plan to purchase one someday soon!

M.A. said...

Congrats to the winners!

Mrs4444 said...

That is so awesome!! Great job :)