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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Driving Miss Daisy

Here is another illustration that was on someone's Christmas wish list. Kat wanted an illustration of her husband, George, in his golf cart with their "Soft Coated Wheaten, Miss Daisy."

This was a fun one. There's something about golfers that makes them easy targets for satire. Why is that? You will perhaps notice a number of different little jabs that I included to take aim at George. His driving skills for one, but the brand name of his golf bag is an obvious. If you study the doodle you will probably find several other bits of statire. Golf is comedy, I guess.

Kat entitled the piece, "Driving Miss Daisy." Apparently Miss Daisy enjoys a daily ride on George's cart.

Kat didn't provide a view of the front of the cart and I wanted a better angel of it for the caricature. So I did a bit of blog research on golf carts (there are HUNDREDS of different makes) and I found what I thought was the right kind—an E-Z Go Cart. Thus the name on the front of this particular model.

Kat posted photos on her blog of the unveiling. She said that George "was R-E-A-L-L-Y surprised by the "doodle" I gave him which was drawn by Rick of Organized Doodles. Rick did a great job! Just look at all the fun details! Thanks Rick for helping me surprise George. As you can see, it's already hanging by George's desk in the office."

Thanks Kat. I love the photos. Some how putting a frame around one of my doodles makes them look... I don't know... like real art somehow.

Give George and Daisy my regards. And keep those two off the fairways.

In other news: Thank you for all your prayers for my family and I regarding my BIL's, Jim's, death. It seems impossible that he is gone. I know that my sister Becky and her three girls could continue to use your prayers. The youngest daughter has her 17th birthday on the 16th of this month.

The memorial service went very well. There were probably over 550 people there. I shared a little - got a few laughs - which always makes it easier and Becky seemed to appreciate what I had to share.

On the way home we took time to stop at Multnomah Falls. They're located right on Interstate 84, and it's FREE! Since there has been so much rain lately the falls were particularly... well... wet? I thought I would just share a few pics of God's natural beauty. Copy & Share If You Dare one of the pics. Maybe it's time to update your computer wall paper....

I'm back to doodling. And I have a ton of stuff to post. So stay tooned!!!


Anonymous said...

I love how you said "when framed they look like proper art". Remember when you did my very first one and I said it made me look like a 'proper writer?

Kat said...

Keeping your family in my prayers.

Leigh said...

Rick, continued prayers for you and your family in you loss. I am so sorry.

I saw Kat's picture when she posted it of "Driving Miss Daisy" it is so them! I just adored is almost as much as they did. you did an amazing job!

The Falls....I lived in Portland for a year as a child (6 yrs)and used to often go to this spot. As soon as I saw the photo I knew it was it and clicked the link. I am so glad you shared that!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love your work, you really did capture Kat's hubby and dog. I follow her blog and read how George loved his gift.

So sorry about your BIL...

God Bless,
Kathy :)

justabeachkat said...

Thanks again Rick...you really did help me surprise George. You did a great job. We both love it.


Chris H said...

I just used your doctor doodle from the other day.. don't worry I gave you the credit for it! lol

Christy said...

Praying for your family. The falls pictures are great!!!

justabeachkat said...

FYI...I featured you featuring me on my blog today.


Terri Tiffany said...

I loved the golf cart one and you know it isn't the frame that made your doodle look great--it's the art itself!

Brandy Rose said...

haha, very cute, love the dog holding on for dear life. :D

Missy said...

Very nice doodle Rick as always!

I'm glad that the funeral of your B-I-L went as well as it could considering the circumstances. It sounds like he was a very loved person.

The pictures of the waterfall is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


AlaneM said...

Great doodle as usual...and I love Multnomah falls, it's such a beautiful spot! I'll bet it was awesome with all the runoff.

Brenda said...

Beautiful falls. I'm sorry for your loss but glad you were able to share some smiles at the service. There are always good sweet memories as well as the loss.

noexcuses said...

My prayers for your family and Bill's family. We've had some friends get their "angel" wings lately. It is so nice to remember them at their best - hence, to celebrate their life.

Your photos are absolutely beautiful! You have a great eye!

Love the golf cart and scared doggie doodle! The couple looks delighted to have it! Anyone would!

Marcio said...

Cool your site, and I am happy to know that you are more a cartoonist in the world of comics as I do!
also goes on my site and let your commentary, I have some drawings that I looked like you!


Janie said...

Hello Rick, I am so sorry that I did not get to your journal. The state of mind I was in that night I did not realize I made an entry on my other journal. Crazy, isn't it? I just found your comment tonight, sorry. Your cartoons look great. Will keep your family in my prayers. Hope you have a blessed week. Janie

Coffee Bean said...

Oh Rick! I am so sorry to hear about your family's loss. Tomorrow is your niece's birthday... my goodness. I will be praying for her and for all y'all. I am glad that you were able to say some words of comfort and even get some laughs... you are good at it.