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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gator Bait

When Jennifer ordered an illustration of her son she also wanted an illustration that is destined for some t-shirts some day. Being big Florida Gator fans, and not so fond of the Ohio Buckeyes, she requested this illustration...

Since the Gators are playing for the National Championship this week (I think) I'm sure that there will be people gathered around Jennifer's T.V. to cheer on their team.

By the way Jennifer, I was born in Oklahoma.

Also, Jennifer was kind enough send some photos of the unveiling, and to tell me about her son's reaction to his caricature.

She wrote me and said...

"Christmas morning was a ton of fun. We saved your drawing for last and when my son opened it he says (and I quote), "oh wow... how cool. Mom!! How did you get a black Tebow?? Oh wait... oh MY GOD THAT'S ME!!!!" And then tons of laughing/blushing ensued. He was so completely in shock and super surprised. Even still he will come to me and say, "Mom did you tell him to put (fill in the blank here) in the picture. I can't believe Rick though of that." Thank you again for doing this for us. I'll send you pics of it in his room as soon as we finish. We are late getting it finished as we all celebrating in the season of giving/sharing and have given each other the flu. Oh yea... and he JUST found the "extra eggy" a day or so ago"

That was a fun e-mail to get.

Thanks Jennifer. I always love the follow up reports. The pics are great. I love them!!!

Tell your son that I think he's going to make a great Gator someday. And that I hope we can still be friends after the bowl game.

Slowly I'm getting "Doodlenormous" request sent out. I'm looking forward to getting feedback on those. Also, I am hearing from the prize winners of my giveaway. Their choices have been interesting and I plan to update you on that in the near future.

On a sad note, some of you may remember my birthday tribute to my dear brother-in-law, Jim. After a 6.5 year battle with cancer, Jim left this world for the next very early last Monday morning. Family and friends will be gathering on Friday to pay tribute to this great guy. Your prayers are appreciated as my sister Beck, and her girls, deal with this loss.

Life goes on people—from this life to the next. Jim has finally been healed and for that I am very grateful.

I love you Jim and miss you already.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

hugs and prayers for Jims family...cancer SUCKS. way to many people are victims of it... but you are right they are healed when they leave here!

Ana Tirolese said...

First, let me send out condolences on our family's behalf to you and your family. I know how hard it is to lose a loved family member, even after a terminal illness. Our prayers are with you.

Second, I want to say that it was nice of you to share the feedback from your client. It is so nice, as an artist, to get that positive feedback. It really helps us keep going.

Julie said...

So sorry for you families' loss. Praising God, though, that Jim is finally pain-free and healed!

Great drawings!

jennifer said...

I am SO sorry for your loss. I pray that Jim's family will find peace over his death. I desperately HATE Cancer and I am sorry that it has hurt your family.

I wanted to tell you that it is ironic that the day that I link to you, your 'doodle' (seems odd to call your art a doodle) is of the Florida Gators!! We are CRAZY Alabama fans around here and since the Gators kicked us out of the National Championship (not that we deserved it after we nose dived in our bowl game) we are not so fond of the Gators. I find the timing of your post and my link VERY funny!

I will keep your family in my prayers Rick. I know the next few days will be difficult!

Missy said...

I'm sorry about you and your family's loss. It's never easy to loose someone but it seems that you are accepting his death as more of a relief to him and that's a good thing.

The Gators picture was great! That little boy seemed so tickled! I may just see about having you draw one of me and my crew. I need to recover from the holidays first though, financially..lol!

Let me know if you have pricing that you can e-mail me.

Happy Hump Day!

Anonymous said...

My heart is heavy for you and your family. You know you have been in my prayers.

Michelle said...

Rick, I am sorry for your families loss. We too lost a good friend recently who had battled luekemia for 11 years.

I do have to say that the Sooners are gone roll over the Gators!!!! My husband was born and raised in Tulsa and graduated from OU in 85. I will be wearing my Sooner gear tomorrow!

darsden said...

Sorry about the loss of your brother in law. That is a horrible battle to fight. Prayers to all the family.

Brighter note:
How cool is that Rick! Really talented! I need to speak to you about a 5 year old into Jeff Gordon bigtime and see what we can come up with (dangit couldn't pick a winner-Johnson)oh and I guess the other 3 rugrats would want sumpin too!

His Living Sacrifice said...

Sorry about your loss. I pray he is rejoicing in Heaven with the angels, resting at our Jesus' feet.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Oh, sorry to hear of yours and your family's loss Rick.

justabeachkat said...


So sorry to hear of Jim's death. I will pray for your family. Just knowing he is not longer in pain must be a comfort during this difficult time.


Reddirt Woman said...

Healed he is and flying on angels wings to the place where there's no more pain, no more needles poking him. Since you hold Jim in such high regard he must have been a good man. My prayers go out to your sister and the rest of the family.


Chris H said...

Awesome doodle mate. Sorry to hear your BIL passed away, but he is in a better place now and no more pain.

AlaneM said...

I am praying for Jim's family...2 child warriors gained their freedom over the past couple of days too. I HATE cancer!

Vodka Mom said...

prayers for the family..

and what a talent you are!! That was adorable.

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Condolences on the loss of your brother-in-love Jim. He's in the place we all aspire to someday. My prayers go out to you and the family on your loss of a great guy. xxoo

VanDerHoekArt said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Jim! Of course I'll pray for his family.

A very happy and sad blog post.

geisme said...

Rick, so sorry to hear of your loss. Will be praying for God's comfort & peace on your sis & her girls and the rest of the family.
May you feel his presence at this time.
btw- I lived in OH for about 20 years, but AM NOT a buckeye fan- unless they go to the rose bowl, then I have to root for them. :)
So I like the drawing of Brutus getting eaten.

Fire Hunt said...

First I am praying for your family.
Second I am a big buckeye fan, your drawing made me LOL.

willow said...

Sorry to hear about your brother in law.

But I did get a few smiles when I scrolled down and read the verse at the very bottom of your blog.

Anonymous said...

So sorry for your loss Rick, nothing else to say that hasn't already been said.

I think I may have dreamt that I sent you that e-mail. I can't find it anywhere either?????

I will have to find all the pictures again so will send it later.

Melanie Banayat said...

looks like I missed your giveaway. I've been moving, so my computer was off line and seems that I've missed a lot. Bummer!

Melanie Banayat said...

Rick, you have an interesting life, a full and meaningful life, yet seemingly down to earth. Thanks for sharing your life - with all the ups and downs, good and bad. I enjoy your perspective and outlook.

Cathie said...

So sorry for your loss. Jim HAS to be in a better place and not in pain and is healthy.

Us3JKJ said...

Hi Rick ~ thanks for alerting me to the post being online. Sorry it took so long for me to get to see it, we were all offline recovering from the flu. Then I logged on and heard/read your news. I am so sorry about your BIL's passing. My heart goes out to you and your family. Cancer is a terrible thing and claimed my grandma 10 years ago... I miss her dearly still but take comfort in the fact that she is "home" and pain free. I hope that knowledge comforts you as well. You and your family are in my prayers...