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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dee's Mom

Dee requested an illustration of her mother to be given as a Christmas present.

(It seems that there were several homes around our nation, and beyond, where my name was being discussed around a Christmas tree. I guess I'm kind of a Christmas Cartoon Elf. Kind of gives me a warm feeling inside.)

Anyways, Dee wanted an illustration of her mother, sporting her signature red lipstick, while sitting at her computer. She also suggested a hot air balloon be included somewhere in the illustration.

(Apparently she likes hot air balloons and was not meant to suggest that she is full of it—just wanted to make that clear.)

One of the pics she sent me included what appears to be a lovely young granddaughter. So I place her in the basket—no extra charge. (Aren't I nice?)

I tried to find a report back from Dee regarding her mother's reaction when she saw the doodle. I think she sent me something, but apparently it got lost in the flood of e-mails that I get—including the ones from the guy in Nigeria who has the tempting offer that will make me rich. (I'm committing that one to prayer.)

Thanks Dee for making me your Christmas elf, and my apologies to your mother regarding the hot air remark.


Katie sent me these photos of her parents opening the doodle drawn by me, the Christmas elf.

She wrote and said...

Hey Rick, just wanted to send you a few photos of my parents opening their present. Sorry the lighting was bad, but you get the 'picture'. They loved their illustration with their grandsons...my dad couldn't stop talking about how cool it was. Thanks again. Hope you all had a very merry Christmas and happy New Year!!

You're welcome Katie.

Christmas Elf signing off now. Ho, Ho, Ho...


Missy said...

Once again, a job well done!


Anonymous said...

Wondered why there was a hot air balloon. Looks like another satisfied customer.

Could I request a stomach churning doodle please? Something like a cupcake riddled with grubs and nasty things? Then I would put it in places where I am tempted by food and wouldn't want any of it!

I'm sure as with your mega doodle you could earn a few pennies for the cause.

Just an idea because I know you're sitting twiddling your thumbs - LOl!

Tracy said...

great job you did! hugs

Chris H said...

I think it's cute... and I hope she doesn't have to type using the 'o' much.. poor eggy.

The Sports Mama said...

I just wanted to pop over and thank you for the kind words you left over at my place today. I wasn't aware how badly I needed to hear that until I did. It made a difference, and wanted you to know that.

Thank you.

Janie said...

Cute cartoon. Hope you have a blessed week. Janie

Vodka Mom said...

you sure can rock that pencil!!!

Erika Jean said...

nice doodle!

gregjoens said...

Ive always loved using art to put a smile on peoples faces... youve certainly done that with this and all your art. Thanks for sharing. Greg

Reddirt Woman said...

Hey Mr. Christmas Elf... I think your title should be Joy Elf, or Elf of Joy because you are also a birthday elf, an anniversary elf, an I love _____ elf, so that is why I think you should be the elf of Joy.

As for my new photo... it was only taken about 6 weeks ago. But I am very happy with my doodle as it stands. I finally got a frame for it so I will get you a photo of it framed, with moi.

Good job, once again and I loved the hot air balloon out the window with the granddaughter. How thoughtful you are, Mr. Joy Elf.