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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blaaaaaack Sheep (Again)

Previously, I posted some of the illustrations I created related to the Christian motorcycle group call "Blaaack Sheep." There are some members of the group that go to the church I aaaattend.

Last Summer the group held aaaaa conference at the church. I'm not a member, but they aaaallowed me to set up aaaa display to try and sell some of my motorcycle doodles. I didn't sell a lot, but enough to cover my cost, plus aaaa bit more.

The president of the Blaaaack Sheep liked my take on the concept and asked me if I would creaaaate some more images that he could use in their publications. That was laaast summer. Around November I finally got around to sending him the first illustration. He liked it and aaaasked me to create three more using the same raaaam figure. I was haaaappy to do so, but with all the Christmaaaas request hanging over my head at the time, I had to put him off until aaaafterwards.

(I'm sure that he said, "Baaaah Humbug!)

I was finally aaaable to create the three other concept with blaaaack sheep in various poses.

(It was a killer getting a ram in my home to sit still and model for me that long. And the MESS!?! I don't want to talk about it.)

Aaaafter seeing my work, Mr Head Sheep said that he really like it and that there would be more request in the future. I said, "baaaah."

I really did. Do you believe me?

(Also, with apologies to my egg hunting friends, I believe these are egg-less illustration. Now I hear you saying "waaaah!")


Julie said...

Great doodles. It's no wonder they came baaaaack for more.

noexcuses said...

Aaaaaawwwsome job, Rick!

Brenda said...

Well how could he sit still after he drank all that coffee?

Leslie said...

ok I am a newer follower of yours, so what is the Egg thing?

Nice doodles by the way.


geisme said...

That's really baaaaaaad! humor, but the doodles are GREAAAAAT! :) Sorry about the mess the raaaam made in your home! ;0

Living With Cavemen said...

What a baaaad aaass. Resembles my 100 year old Harley riding grandma. :) Or one she'd take a ride with.

Nancy said...

Your Illustrations are great. You have real talent. I stumbled on your blog today & enjoyed reading it over.

Reddirt Woman said...

WHAT!!!!! NO EGGY--- Bah, Bad Blaaack Sheep.

Leigh said...

I adore these , Rick. I have often been called "the black sheep" of my family! The BS-he's ultra cool!

Amy Jo said...

Your art makes being a black sheep look appealing! Great job!