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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pleasing Paula

Paula wanted me to create a header for her blog which she named "His Living Sacrifice." The concept of someone being a living sacrifice comes from the Book of Romans in the Bible, where the Apostle Paul challenges the Christians of Rome to give their whole life over to God's will—a powerfully challenging concept.

After looking at her blog, I sug- gested to her that rather than the usual color caricature, a simple pen & ink illustration of her sitting on a stone altar would look good on her blog. She agreed. (I like it when people agree with me.)

This is the basic illustration that I sent her. Paula was pleased. BUT she had a few request. Thus began an interesting exchange of e-mails between us.

She also wanted this sentence added underneath the header. Which I was glad to provide for her.

But, she discovered that the illustration wouldn't fit in the space provide on her blog. So, I took the original illustration and moved things around a bit. Plus I recreated my original hand created lettering with computer fonts. Then she also wanted a thought bubble which included the words, "Today I start on my self DIE it."

The new graphic fit, but she also wondered about adding a line to the bottom of the header to separate it from the rest of the blog.

Then she thought that perhaps the Scripture reference for the blog's name would be a better for the thought bubble.

Or maybe that version would be better without the line would be best?

She also wondered about having one which just had a thought bubble that she could insert other thoughts into.

Then I thought I would give her one without a thought bubble at all.

Now, less you think that Paula is a picky perfectionists, she is not. She is a very nice friendly person. Paula was only doing what I wanted her to do—to be sure that the final product was something she wanted and would work for her needs.

If you want to know which version she ended up using then you'll have to check out her blog to see, and check out her great potato chip video too.

Paula also used her logo on her YouTube channel. That was a first for me. This particular video is an example of her using the image at the beginning of one of her videos. So my doodles are spreading all over the net.

Thanks Paula for allowing the opportunity to express your heart thoughts. I really like how the doodle turned out, and I hope you get many years of use out of it.


Paula said...

Me, picky? You did an awesome job and I couldn't be happier. I've already received some compliments over at my Youtube Channel. I would highly recommend you to anyone who's picky.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

I like it and think it is wonderful.

KittyMeow said...

Hi Rick! In response to the comment you left on my blog - I definitely think you should do a header for yourself too :-) I stuck with the stock-standard for ages aswell - I'm sure you could think of something :-D

Brenda said...

Kittymeow is right! You do need your own header. I hadn't even noticed that!

Chris H said...

Ha! and I thought I was picky! WEll done on pleasing Paula! And yes, where is YOUR header???

Joyfulsister said...

Hi Rick,
What a beauitful job, I'm always amazed at your drawings my brother. What an awesome gift to have.

Ivanhoe said...

I just checked Paula's blog out - you did a great job (as usually :o)

What other girls said - time to make a new header for yourself ;o)