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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wild Hog Wild

Back in January I received an e-mail from Ron. It said...

Dear Sir, I am a leader of a 4-H club of 6 children which raises hogs and sells them at the county fair and the children save the money for their education. The kids ages range from 8 yrs to 13 and they are able to raise and show the hogs each year until they are 18 years old. The kids also have to preform several community service projects every year along with fund raisers. The children work hard year round but they have a lot of fun and a lot of rewards! For Christmas the kids voted to adopt the children at a state home and supply Christmas for them, the kids shopped for 21 needy kids, cooked the Christmas dinner and I arranged a visit from Santa. Our kids voted to do this instead of having a end of the year party for themselves. The name of our club is Hog Wild and I saw your art work on the web and was wondering if and how much you charge you would charge us as we are a non-profit group for a logo of a pig, but the kids want a "mean" muscle bound, pig. All of the other clubs have a pretty show pig and they want to be different. I do in fact I ride a Harley and I think they have adopted the outlaw image..... all we are looking for is a head/shoulder shot (not a wild boar) these are USDA prime show hogs, so they don't have hair, or tusks. they are white in color to give you an idea.

Thank You, Ron

So there I was with this request. What was I going to do? Of course I wasn't going to charge them. How could I after they voted adopt 21 children from the state home and gave them a Christmas? I'd have to be some kind of Ebeneezer to charge them anything for a doodle. Besides, the guy is a Harley rider like me!

No big deal. I figured that I could whip this one out with one eyeball tied behind my back.

The above illustration is what I sent them. The only problem was, in case you didn't catch it, their name is "Hog Wild" not "Wild Hog."


So, I had to do a little bit of Photoshop work and make the necessary changes.

I need to correct one tiny bit of information: I did charge them a slight fee. I requested a photo of the six of them with their shirts on. Sadly, I haven't seen that yet, so I'm calling a collection agency next week before I go hog wild all over them. Hopefully, I can get a photo in the near future to post on this here blog.

Good luck with them USDA prime show hogs Ron. I was honored to contribute in a small way to these great Americans of yours.


MaBunny said...

I liked the drawing! and what a wonderful club of youths that are learning to give is to receive!

Leslie said...

That was a very nice tribute to give the Hog Wild club! Nice to see a group of kids who are giving and willing to sacrifice for others.

*Very nice that you didn't charge them...but did we expect anything different from a nice guy like you? No. Eager to see the picture of the kids too.

Thanks for sharing this one!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

ok rick we can arrange a hog hunting to help collect :D I want to see these kids in their payment pic too!
Have a great sunday!

Alice said...

Good job, Rick! I'm a former 4-H leader myself and I know they work on no budget at all. Just whatever funds the leader happens to have that they can afford to invest. Your doodle is priceless to that club! Your investment in the kids - incredible! Thanks for caring for the kids! You rock!

Kim VanDerhoek said...

Aw, Rick, that was very nice of you! Great idea asking for a photo with the shirts, it would make a nice follow-up to this post!

Julie said...

That sounds like a great group of kids! It's too bad there aren't more groups like that out there.

Looking forward to seeing the picture of the kids in their shirts.

Reddirt Woman said...

They had to love it... whole hog!!!

JustinB said...

nice picture!

numberonesistah said...

Totally awesome post to go with a totally awesome doodle! I love coming across things that leave me feeling good, thanks.

I used your Hot Breath doodle on my blog again. I'm addicted to using your doodles. ;o)