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Monday, February 23, 2009

Wuv You

I've been slow getting through my list of doodle request lately. One of the reasons is that our middle daughter came in for a quick visit from Oklahoma. On Saturday she offered to take us out to our favorite little greasy spoon in town.

The youngest jumped into the driver's seat and said she was driving. She had the jams pumped up and was acting a little crazy. She gets that from her mother.

It's pronounced "Fee-Lee's." The condition of the sign speaks well to the condition of the interior, but year after year it is voted the best hamburger in town. You'll find it down at the port, right by Sport Haven Beach, on the great big Pacific Ocean. Go ahead and bring your laundry while you're there getting a bite to eat.

Three of my girls just prior to the big feast.

The in-laws met us there. They frequent the joint.

Feeding the gulls. They are always around, looking for a handout. Yes, they're basically rats with feathers. I know what you're thinking... "The Birds!" Alfred could have made a scene for his flick there.

The girls took a run throug the gulls. (Disclaimer: No seagulls were hurt in the preparation of the post.)
We all took a walk out onto the jetty. This is where the Chetco River meets the Pacific Ocean.

Marylynn will probably shoot me for posting this pic—her hair had that ocean breeze effect going. But I like her smile. I'm looking a big strange, but hey! Who am I trying to impress?

I've laid in bed at night and heard this fog horn going off many times. I wouldn't want to be standing there when it does.

Self portrait. The Old Salt himself.

Here's another little quick doodle for your viewing pleasure. It speaks for itself, and it's so true.

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numberonesistah said...

Whoa..is that a Southern Nazarene University sweatshirt she's wearing..as in SNU in Bethany, OK? If so, I went to school there! They have an awesome pre-med curriculum there and just a plain ole' great college.

curtisleefarmer said...

Rick, I sense a new facebook profile photo will emerge from this post... :)

Great to see you had so much fun on her quick visit!

Mari said...

Thanks for showing off your family! Isn't it great when those kids come home?

darsden said...

Great pictures Rick and drawings of course. Your daughter looked like my niece this weekend jamming. I love hamburgar joints like that, they always have the best food. I always look for a ma & pa diner as I call them, when I visit a new town.

Starr said...

I really enjoyed this post! Living on the Eastern Shore myself, I am very aware of the Rats with Wings! LOL Great description of Seagulls I might add. Looks like a fun day!

Alyssa's Mom said...

Thanks for the doodle! It seems to fit us perfectly right now. I am going to post it on my blog!

Alice said...

I love the seagulls on top of the sign in the first shot - they're looking dead into your camera. Of course, I would notice the photography angles - lol! The jetty is really beautiful. What a great backdrop for the shot of you and your beautiful wife! Thanks for the family post!

Alice said...

Do you do facebook? Send me a friend request :O) - Alice Hendon.

*Tracy* said...

great pics! thanks for sharing. hugs

Chris H said...

Love all the photos!

Christy said...

What beautiful girls!!!!!!!

I love greasy spoons. You just can't beat them!

MapDoc said...

Oh do I miss Feelys' burgers besides great teaching. Better get home soon! Great pics! Great family!

- George

Reddirt Woman said...

Thanks for sharing with us, you old Salty Dawg. My mom always used to say that her mom said the stock is supposed to improve whenever she got a compliment on us kids. After looking at your girls, I'd say she's right.


Anonymous said...

How great to see the women in your life pop up on here again. Your wife looks fantastic and the shot and shouldn't be upset one bit for you posting the picture.

I know you loved having your daughter home for a bit. Don't you wonder if they will ever really get how much we love them?

This mom can relate very well to you and your girls. It's real life at our house, too.

Great doodle Mister!

GE is me said...

Hey Rick! Thanks for sharing the pics! I've noticed that when you do a picture for someone you don't put Eggy in there? Like the 1 for the 4H club- I didn't see him in there. Or the black sheep 1 either? Also what or where is the strangest place you have put Eggy? i.e.-like a nostril or ????

Shannon said...

Hi Rick,

Cool doodles!

As for art imitating life, not my life, but perhaps the actresses :)

Aleta said...

Thanks for sharing the family fun! Ya'll look like a very sweet family.

hello gorgeous said...

Hey lovely, this posting made me chuckle *grin*, love the pic of you and Marylynn (I have one similar of me and my dad when I was younger) :D

Aahh, the fog horn - I long to hear a fog horn! We live on the coast (not that you can see any trace of ocean from the comfort of the sofa!) we have a port which has long been out of commercial practice and thus so has the fog horn - but on foggy days I miss the sound!

hello gorgeous said...

Rick - I love him "wuvving" everybody but can we have a she version too pleeeease :D xx