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Saturday, February 7, 2009


I'm still feeling under the weather. (Someone isn't praying hard enough.) It's not good timing for me. My weekends are generally busy.

So, I thought that I would just post another meeting doodle that came out of my recent trip to Salem. This gentleman here speaks of readiness to me. He's looks like someone that is ready and eager for action—unlike me at the moment.

I have no idea where you might be able to use it, but, hey!, why not?... It's a Copy & Share If You Dare doodle ready for you to use.

(And egg-less you ask? Well, I guess you'll just have to find out on your own.)


Mari said...

You poor thing! Hope tomorrow finds you feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Very clever on eggy :) Hope you feel better soon!

tammyrncheermom said...


I emailed you a few days ago but I'm not sure you received it. I am very interested in ordering some of your wonderful work. I don't have a blog but my email address is tammyrncheermom@yahoo.com. Hope to hear from you soon.


Chris H said...

Awww eggy is as cute as ever I see.
I shall cross a few things in the hope you are better soon. Praying ain't my thing mate.

Rick said...

To Tammy: My records show that I answered you on the 4th of February. I'm sorry that you didn't get it. I just tried again. Drop me another comment if you don't and I'll go to plan B. Thanks

GE is me said...

Hope you feel better soon brother!
Nice eggy! :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry old pal, I'll be praying for you right this minute.

I know you need good health and strength and trust the Lord will restore completely!!!

Alice said...

No, he's not eggless and I finally found one! Yayyy!!! Sorry, I was just overcome with excitement :O). Hope you feel better soon.

beckasharpe said...

Thanks for your comment! I've returned the visit, your doodles and charicatures are great. I like your style.
Watercolours still scare me too, but I learned the ropes from a few books I picked up. I found the 'every day matters' group useful for asking questions too. Keep drawing! :)

Reddirt Woman said...

I'm so sorry... I know we all have been praying real hard. Nobody wants anyone to have to deal with 'the crud'.

Now you need to 'get ready, set and go!'

BTW, good job on the egg-man.


raccoonlover1963 said...

Hi Rick. Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well.
Great doodle. I think you have to be really strung out on caffeine or something else to be that gung-ho at work! LOL
Get better soon.

Lea said...

Man, you've really got that eggy thing all buttoned-up, eh?! LoL

Ready, set, sneeze!
here at least. *sniff!