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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Doodles and Complaints

I should have been doodling last night, but I wasn't in the mood for it. So instead, I laid in bed and watched American (bow down and worship me) Idol with my wife. There is a young lady on the show that use to live in our little town. I don't remember her name but my daughter knew her. She's the one with the arm full of tattoos. (ouch!)

I could be a judge on that show. All I would have to say is... "That wasn't your song dog. Dude, you didn't bring it on tonight. Blah, blah, blah, dog." Does that sound about right?

In light of that discussion this doodle seems appropriate. I even did a little photoshop coloring in the letters. I wanted to color in the whole illustration, but there is still so much about that program that I need to learn before I can do that in a way that wouldn't require hours of effort. So... Copy & Share If You Dare.

Recently I went on line to purchase this book from Barnes and Nobel. It's one little step towards my dream of getting a children's book into publication. I am slowly working my way through it—trying to pick up a few pointers here and there.

I have one complaint against Barnes and Nobel. So, if you've got time you can read it. Otherwise this is just a cathartic experience for me...

I looked up this book on their web site but saw a few other books related to the same topic. I wanted to try and get an actual look at them so that I could better decide which book would be best. It's a 2.5 hour trip for us to get to a town with a Barnes and Nobel in it. So, when these country folks drive through the mountain pass and make it to the city (to pick up their daughter at the airport) it's a rare chance to visit one of their stores.

I walked into the place and went to their (not so helpful) information center to ask a young man where I might find such a book. The gentleman there typed in "illustrating children's books" on his computer and nothing came up. He tried a few other versions of the search and still nothing. I said, "I found it on your web site very easily. Try and look it up there."

"We don't have access to the web site here," the young gentleman said. "What?" I thought. How stupid is that? They can't even get on their own web site at their own stores?

He asked me if I had a name or title, but of course I hadn't written any of that down. Then I thought, my daughter has her iTouch with her and can get on the net wirelessly. Then I asked, "Do you have Wifi here?" "Yes," the gentleman said, "but you have to pay for it."

Thanks but no thanks Mr. Barnes and (not so) Nobel. How very helpful of you to not provide that to your customers so that they can find books that you yourselves can't find.

It's frustrating for me when it takes so much effort to get to a store and they're really not set up to help you find what you need. I might have taken my book business elsewhere, but I was using a gift card that my sister wasn't suppose to give me in the first place. (Another story for another time.)

There now. I feel better. How about you?


MaBunny said...

Oh I love Barnes and Noble! and I like the doodle - very cute. I don't like American Idol , so here's a cookie for being a good hubby and watching it with your wife:)

Julie said...

It is frustrating when you find something online and then go to the store and they can't find it. One thing I would have asked was, if they have WiFi, why could they not access their own website??

A little tip, though - I DO know that (with Border's anyway) oftentimes books available online are NOT available in the store. You might be able to do a search to see if the book is actually sold in the store you will be going to. I have even then called a store to ask them to hold an item for me. That helps alleviate any aggravation, too.

We don't have TV, so I fortunately get to MISS all of the American I-DUH shows. :)

numberonesistah said...

Man..that is aggravating! I totally feel your pain, it's a 2 hour trip to a Barnes and Nobel here also. No pretty mountain pass to go through though, just miles of wheat fields and cattle pastures.

Aleta said...

There is another books store similar to Barnes and Noble and I can't think of the name, but I prefer that other store. Barnes and Noble seems to have taken a downward spiral with their customer service.

Reddirt Woman said...

And a great big raspberry to Mr.Not-so-nice Barnes and Not-so-noble Noble.

Kim VanDerhoek said...

Nice doodle! I bet you would handle coloring it in Photoshop better than you think.

Your Barnes and Noble story was funny in a, "Oh brother are you kidding me," kind of way.

Leslie said...

Oh I didn't know you wanted to illustrate children's books! I write children's books.

Alice said...

yep, i feel better, too :O)

Brenda said...

Sorry things didn't go so well for you Randy. Maybe next time dawg.

hello gorgeous said...

aawww Rick, it DOES amaze me how MANY stores never seem to be about customer service but just about money grabbing! The down side to this of course is if you wanted to take your custom elsewhere you would have to travel even further, so it's a no-win situation! Am sending you a sympathy hug (or would that be empathy hug?!) :D xxx

Karen Deborah said...

The nice thing about the internet is that you can purchase then and there and not get upset with any "I don't give a rip if you buy anything or not mister, coz I'm just waiting for my hours to be up," makes you want to go around some stores and fire the not so helpful help.
Recently we sat in a line at the BK lounge,(Burger king)for nearly 30 minutes. I was getting so irritated being in this fast food line that I thought about leaving. When we got to the window the "small" shake we ordered was so small it looked like a 4 oz baby bottle. I asked for another one. The "thing" that looked like a human being in the window said I could only have another one if I would go back to the end of the line and drive thru again! Before I even knew what happened I looked at her and said. "Are you SHITTIN me? You can't be serious we have been in that line for 30 minutes, a line of 7 cars. I counted them. She huffed off, and I drove away and will not EVER EVER EVER go back. Our food was really nasty too, sloppy mushy burgers and cold onion rings cooked yesterday.
No body cares anymore about anything. That sounds like Eeyore.

Rick said...

What can I say Karen? Bummer. Don't get me going on some of my fast food experiences. Or K-Mart! My wife stopped going to K-Mart years ago.

Life with Kaishon said...

I found your blog via Karen Deborah's links. That is really ridiculous that the store doesn't have access to the website. AND you have to pay for wifi. Are they serious? That would never go over around here.

Your doodles are dynamic. I hope you will be able to publish a book one day. That would be very exciting!

vjc said...

I hope you managed to track down the book in spite of B&N. My first thought when I found your blog many moons ago was "I wonder if he's an illustrator" (of picture books). Glad to see it's on your radar and I expect to hear exciting news from you.