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Friday, February 16, 2007

Holy Ghost Rider

This is a drawing that I'm fairly proud of. The inspiration came when my friend, Kevin, and I went to see Superman Returns. There we saw the trailer for Ghost Rider. On the way home we were talking about the trailer and came up with the idea of calling our little group of motorcycle riding buddies, The Holy Ghost Riders. The term, Holy Ghost, comes out of the old King James version of the Bible, where God's Holy Spirit is referred to as the Holy Ghost.

When an idea really intrigues me I really enjoy getting it down on paper, and this idea did that for me. I quickly got to work on a concept and this is the results. Fire is often used in the Bible as symbolic of God's power and it is in the Book of Acts where the Holy Spirit comes to the new church - one of the sign of which is a tongue of fire above the head of each Christian.

After getting the design done, Kevin and I got a few shirts printed up and sold them to a few people that were interested. The shirts were well liked. I gave one to each of my three daughters for Christmas. I'll have to post the photo I took of them wearing their shirts sometime.

Tonight, a group of us road 26 miles south, to Crescent City, CA to see Ghost Rider on its opening night. The ride was dark and foggy - a thrilling experience. I thought the movie was weak in some areas. The plot was thin. The acting was poor, but the special effects were great. The ride down there was more of a thrill.

Anyway, what do you think of the drawing?


Eti said...

Love it Rick! Great inspiration and excellent name for your group. T-shirts for you all!

Anonymous said...

The drawings great, the T-shirt’s awesome! One un-expected consequence though, is the comments I receive when I wear it. What a joy it is witnessing to people when they break the ice. I can imagine how much easier it would be if I had a Harley…I’ve been asking the Lords guidance on how best to present that concept to the wife.

Unknown said...

May I copy this drawing and use it for a post on my blog?


Swag said...

Nice idea, but there is a motorcycle ministry that has been around since 1999 that has that name, so you may want to discuss with them if you are wanting to create a patch or something like that. The website is www.holyghostriders.com.

Rick said...

To Rick: Yeah, I saw their web site. They're in Illinois. I tried contacting them, but they just ignored me. No patch was ever made—just a few t-shirts. So I don't think that they have anything to worry about.