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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Mother-In-Law

This is my mother-in-law, Dorotha. We have a great relationship and I love her. Today is her birthday, but we celebrated it yesterday. I don't really enjoy drawing cartoons of close family members, because they never seem to turn out very well. I guess I just know them too well. But I had drawn one of her husband, my friend, Tom, a few years back - (He's illustrated again in the background.) So, I felt that I should attempt one of Mom.

Actually, I think it turned out pretty well. One always takes a risk in lampooning a close family member, but she seem to really like it. (I've included a photo of her opening the gift.)

Mom and Tom do a little lawn mowing on the side, and the joke is about how many snakes that Dorotha has run over so far. I should have drawn a bunch of little silhouettes of snakes on the side of the mower - symbolizing the number she has chopped up to date. I drew this one really fast. I did it in only two hours - pretty good for me. If I had given myself more time I might have thought about adding that.

What do you think?


Excaliburt said...

Yeah that would have been great to have had a few black snakes painted on the side as to show the number she has hit, but for two hours you did a great job.


Donna said...

i just had to send a comment... love the drawing and my opinion is that it just doesn't need any more... i believe the saying,"less is more"...
love all your drawings... thanks for the comment to me so that i could find you and your art...

UnschoolingMama said...


I found your blog off of your silly comment on another blog... you are very talented!