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Thursday, November 8, 2007

King of the Road

If you've spent anytime on my blog you know that I have a deep appreciate for all things Harley Davidson. So, when on a recent visit to my brother in Texas, one of his acquaintances offered to let me take a spin on his '07 Harley Road King, I was thrilled. You need to understand that this is generally not done in biker circles. Most riders are very protective of their bikes and so, to let someone else ride yours is a pretty big deal.

I didn't get a chance to ride it very long, but I really enjoyed the experience of being on a big "hog." Honestly, I had just decided that my '02 HD Sportster was plenty of bike for me, but after that, I now know that I will always hunger for more.

Sometime later Leo wrote and asked me to create a drawing of a lion on a Harley Road King. (Leo - Lion, Lion - Road King - you follow the logic, don't you?) After the generous offer of a ride on his bike, I was all too happy to create an illustration for him.

The first illustration is one that I sent Leo before going on with the color work. I'm glad that I did because he wrote back saying that he liked the drawing, but the leg on the lion looked a little too "girlie." I wrote back saying that my legs were my best feature, but that I was happy to comply. He suggest that I add some leather chaps on the beast.

(My wife told me that if I bought a motorcycle I could never BUY leather chaps. I agreed, but later on a friend GAVE me a pair. So I've kept to our bargain. She never said anything about me not accepting a pair as a gift.)

The next drawing has the lion now modestly dressed in chaps and blue jeans. I think the chaps add to the illustration. What do you think?Next you see that the color and the lettering that have been added for the completion of the job.

I am beginning to have a growing collection of motorcycle artwork. (See my post on Sept. 25, Feb. 16, Jan. 17, Jan. 5)

Actually, I'm really not all that comfortable with creating illustrations that include mechanical stuff. I prefer more free hand, "artsie" kind of work. I really struggle at drawing these kind of pieces and so it took me three or four whacks with a pencil before I felt comfortable putting it down in pen.

I am really proud of this drawing. There are a few things that I don't like about it, but there always are. It's a totally freehand illustration that is fun and makes a definite statement about what kind of "beast" rides the road on his King.


Karen said...

That's awesome! It looks like my father-in-law's bike, which gets me to thinking that a gift of this sort could be wonderful for Christmas. hmmmmm

Andrea said...

What are chaps with out frindge? My husband has a jacket with all this fringe on it. I won't let him wear it. And tell your wife that every biker has to have one pair of black leather chaps. They keep you warm!! I did blog about my FIL's bike on October 15th.

Autumn said...

Thanks Rick. I'm in the midst of a programming degree, but html isn't my strong point right now...LOL! Maybe later I'll be able to do it. I'm a big fan of Dawn also...I love the drawing you did for her blog! Keep up the good work, you are very talented!

Excaliburt said...

Love the font for that kinda reminds me of american graffiti for some reason.


Valarie said...

That is a great drawing!

Leather chaps....hahaha!! Funny.

onthegomom said...

Love the drawing... the chaps definintely added to it.


Michelle Kemper Brownlow said...

Your art is WOW-ing! I have been enjoying it on BECAUSE I SAID SO.

I suppose you have seen WILD HOGS.

I saw William H. Macy on a talkshow and he said he interprets the sound of a Harley motor to be..."POTATOPOTATOPOTATOPOTATOPOTATO!"


Rebecca E. Parsons/Cre8Tiva said...

little doodles indeed...would that i could doodle like you...love the bike...congrats on the commission for dawn...will be back to read more soon...blessings, rebecca

Bronie said...

Love the chaps, and the color is fantastic! I can just hear that 'hog' screaming down the road.

Lucille said...

WOW. The colors are just perfect. Are you talented? Ummmm...yeah just a little! What a gift to be able to express yourself that way...keep up the great work.

And hey - thanks for reading MY LONG post. I do appreciate your comments. As of right now I think you are my biggest (and only) male fan!


Jamie said...

the chaps were a definite must. i love the picture!

Anonymous said...

Nice job! Those must've been buttless chaps to allow for the lion's tail to wave freely in the breeze!

Cool site!

Shellie said...

I like the drawing a lot and what the heck is wrong with black leather chaps? Glad someone gave you some!

Deborah March said...

Omigosh, you are SOOO talented!! I'm thoroughly enjoying browsing your blog today!

Michelle said...


We, as a family, also have a great appreciation for anything Harley Davidson. Our Mini Schnauzer is named Harley and he has the spiked HD collar to prove it!

MaryLu said...

Love the lion, love the Hog, love the chaps, the boots look a bit small for that big of a critter though. Keep up the wonderful drawings.
Love Dawn's Shoe.