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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Back to Mulletdom

I'm still working on caricatures all the time. I have a number of them that I need to post, but it always takes me longer to write out the story on each on, so for now I'm still posting my airplane doodles.

Here's another sample from my mullet mode. We'll call it Farm Mullet. I think Eggy has been on a diet - poor guy.

Have a great Memorial Day. God Bless America


Chris H said...

You have me hooked ya bugger, it took me a while but I found Eggy! Fish tattoo...... am having second thoughts on that... sorry! It is always best to give long and serious thought on something so permanent and we have decided maybe not to go ahead with our fish tattoo for now.... we really want to have a New Zealand outline tattoo and as we are not into lots of tattoos, have decided to get the NZ one first and then think about if we still want the fish one as well.... But we still LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

I found him too! yes he is a little slimline, maybe he needs to bulk up a bit?

I realy like your sketches, I like your coloured ones too of course.

Andrea said...

Oh I love the mullet!! That is great!!

Anita Davies said...

I am so pleased you popped by my blog, I have had a ball looking through yours with all your fabulous cartoons and portraits.
Such a talent!

Anonymous said...

I am so not good at finding eggy...sigh

Christie said...

I really enjoyed perusing your blog. I so admire the caricatures, that takes a special eye AND sense of humor! Mullets will now have new meaning for me.