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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's Not Nice to Fool With Mother Lisa

Lisa has been a visitor to my blog, and a Facebook friend, for sometime now.  The other day she finally worked up the courage to ask me how much I charge for a caricature drawing.  I gave her the information and, apparently, she liked what she read and ordered up an illustration right away.

Lisa has a particular love for raccoons, but when I checked out her photos I saw that she has a love for all kinds of God's creatures.  So, instead of illustrating her with just raccoons I decided to turn her into the mother of all nature... (You got it.) Mother Nature herself.

I really like how this one turned out.  In fact, I am adding it to my Favorite Doodles list.  I had fun doing research on various attempts at illustrating Mother Nature.  My version incorporates some aspects of several different images—with a lot of Lisa put into the mix, of course.  Lisa apparently liked what she saw.  She's using it as her Facebook profile pic.

In other news...

Some of my family got together to celebrate my mother's 80th birthday.  We met in a four bedroom cabin in Hood River, OR.  Since sometimes members of the family visit this blog here are a few photos that I took during our weekend together.  Non-family types are allowed to view the photos as well.

The cabin we stayed in.

View of the Columbia Gorge from our cabin.

The family gathered for breakfast.

A sign in a store window, downtown Hood River, OR
(I thought you would enjoy seeing it.)

Mom and Dad

Our youngest - Marla
(Ain't she purty?)

Mom blowing out the candles.

Mom crocheting.
She's trying to make a tablecloth for all of her granddaughters.

Marla and me walking.
My oldest keeps me exercising by making me do 30 minutes before she will give me a phone call.  I hate exercising, but I love talking to my girls.

A view of Mt. Hood shot through a grove of pear trees.  I thought it made an interesting photo.

Mt. Hood on a rare clear day - minus the pear trees

The family - all that was there, at least


raccoonlover1963/Lisa Myers said...

Thanks Rick. That is so cool! I absolutely love the doodle & can't wait til I get the hard copy to frame!
Thanks again!

"Mother Lisa" LOL

Connie said...

I love the doodle. I think you did a great job. I also enjoyed your family pictures and the photos of the mountain. What a great view that is! Wow!

Lydia said...

Thanks for visiting one of my blogs, which led me here and found some interesting synchronicities:

First: my husband lived in Brookings from about 4th grade through the middle of high school, so essentially it's where he grew up!

Second: Where in the heck have you been, Lisa?
Seriously, Lisa's used to be one of the blogs I read regularly...until she stopped blogging. So I haven't been by for a long time - and surprise, surprise here she is as Mother Nature in your blog! You really pegged her personality as far as I'm concerned.

Third: I remember my mother's 80th birthday, a joyous occasion and happy memories for me. She is gone now (I remember when Lisa lost her mother, too...) so I enjoyed "joining" your family celebration in her honor.

Rick said...

To Lydia: We do have a few connections, don't we. You'll find Lisa on Facebook a lot more.

Chris H said...

YOur family get together and the photos of where you stayed are just lovely.

Anonymous said...

Missed this post. Such a blessing to have a wonderful family and great family times!

Shannon Harris said...

That unattended children sign is awesome!!! Thx for posting on my blog! I love your doodles! I may have to email abt a characature...