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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Bee Sting - Color

Here is the color version of the Bee Sting piece. Look below for the explanation as to why I drew it. I spilled milk on it this morning - long story - but I didn't cry about it - just blew a gasket. I just use regular water-based ink pens when I draw the outline. Normally, spilling any liquid on a piece would be the death blow, but I got on it quickly and just dabbed up the milk. There appeared to be little damage.

This is the first drawing in a long time that I drew something just for fun. Lately it's all been a drawing for someone. I still have other drawings to do, but this one was just for nonsense.

Again - what do you think?

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Anonymous said...


I think you should draw a picture of a hairy spider that has big muscles and wears kick-boxing gear....for those of us that have an abnormal fear of them....because we know they're out to get us. yep.

Sometimes the nearby wetlands (what am I saying...this city is a swamp) produces rather large, fast, freaky looking spiders. Once in a while we see one in our home. At those times it's always a good idea if my valiant husband is also home. If he isn't then my daughter or I will put a clear glass over the evil arachnid then run away screaming..like it's gonna push the glass over and come after us or something. sigh.

If the spider's on the wall then my daughter and I get our air-soft guns and try and kill it that way, running away screaming after every attempt. We aren't good shots.

Or sometimes we call Carl down the street. He's retired and has nothing better to do than kill spiders for a middle aged menopausal woman and her beautiful daughter. We love Carl. We give Carl homebaked goodies. Often.

I'm rambling...