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Thursday, September 13, 2007

There's Somone For Everyone

I don't know what you think of a 50 year old guy that still draws stuff like this, but I like drawing this particular piece. I was inspired by the WEtv cable television show called "Bridezilla". If you've never seen the show, the premiss is that someone takes a camera and follows the most self absorbed girl you can find around while she is planning her wedding. Godzilla would probably be a lot kinder than some of the subjects of the show.

My girls like the program, and... I'll have to admit to watching it occasionally. When I see the premadonnas on that show, it makes me want to go up to the TV screen and shout out at the poor sap that is planning to marry the girl, "Wake up you idiot. Can't you see that you're about to make the biggest mistake of your life?" But I gave up talking to my TV years ago. They probably wouldn't listen anyway - they're "in love!"

Anyway, back to my drawing...

I decided to keep this piece as a pen-n-ink illustration. It think it comes across much stronger without color. Normally I like to draw ugly guys. I like this drawing because it's of a female and she is just as ugly as any guy I've ever drawn. I like how the hair turned out. Hair can be difficult to illustrate.

But, I will probably have to revisit the bridezilla theme. A bridezilla would have to be more lizard like - with a tail, breathing fire, and everything. Don't you think?

My youngest says that the title of the drawing should be: "There's Someone For Everyone." What do you think?

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Enzie Shahmiri - Artist said...

I love it! Your work is full of energy and humor and really fun to look at.

P.S. Thanks for leaving a nice comment on my blog!