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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Here is the second attempt at a Bridezilla illustration. (Check out the Sept. 13 posting) It may seem like I have marriage on my mind, but 28 years of happily married would say that certainly isn't so. Just the whole concept of what a bride/Godzilla creature might look like inspired some ideas. My youngest daughter thinks that I got a little carried away on the "bust" size. I was just trying to mimic what I've seen on the TV show. I'm still not totally happy with this one, but I think it's time that I let the idea go.

What do you think?


AlexDreamz said...

Hey, Rick? I didn't give you permission to draw a picture of me! This is so me on the day of my first wedding... that should have been a major clue that it wasn't going to end well, right? I know my opinion is only worth the paper it's written on (wait a minute, where's the paper?) but I think she looks perfect!!


Charlene said...

this is my fav, you are a very talented artist...every drawing is so funny. :)

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Made me laugh sooo hard that I added it into a recent blog entry I made-if that's not okay-tell me, and I'll remove it-I'll add a link to your blog! as a thanks