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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Black Sheep

Here's another illustration for my growing motorcycle collection. I have friends that have just join a motorcycle club called "The Black Sheep." I thought the name deserved illlustrating.

Black Sheep

I like how this drawing turned out. I did it while my wife was in the hospital. She is home recovering now - thank you for your prayers.

There are some things about this illustration that I don't like. The words "Black Sheep" got too crowded, but I was trying to stay within my 8X10 frame. I think the sheep itself doesn't look mean enough - it's hard to draw sheep that are mean. And, it's really not obvious that the animal is a sheep. One guy looked at it and called it a camel. Maybe I should have put some wool on top of its head. But, over all, I like the look of the piece and I don't mind looking at it.

I will probably try and draw the concept again - maybe get a little closer on the face of the sheep - make him look angry or something. What do you think?


Dawn said...

Awww, what a cute cow!
;) just kidding. I'm finally finding time to stop by other folk's blogs. Wow - you're quite talented!!!

soumya mukerji said...

Simply awesome!

Focus_ret said...

I rather like the fact that he doesn't look angry. He just IS.

Anonymous said...

There is a Black Sheep fiber festival in Eugene every year in June. When I see the Black Sheep drawing I immediately think of fleece, which from my frame of reference gives it a little humor (I knit). I like your artwork.
-punkin, a fellow Oregonian

Claudio-E. Himmer said...

Man you are really talented. I play in an online browser game with some dudes and we founded a new alliance called "Black Sheeps". May I use your picture as an logo for my nick and/or for the nick of the alliance?

Best regards,

Rick said...

To Claudio-E:.Thanks for the compliment. Yes, you can use that particular Black Sheep illustration. There are other Black Sheep drawings that I've create which really are the property of the Black Sheep Motorcycle organization. But this one is not one of those and you may use it. Thank you for asking.