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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Banana Slug Love

I've been reluctant to publish this drawing. Some people thought it was a bit perverted. That was never my intent. Maybe, it's the way the slug stands in reference to the little old lady that makes it seem so bad - no further comment there needed. I guess that one cannot account for the dirty minds that are out there.

Regardless, I thought that this is an appropriate illustrate for a guy living on the Oregon Coast - the slugs are every where! Though, most of what people call banana slugs out here are not really banana slugs, but just a green cousin. The banana variety definitely fit their description. Also above I've included a photo that I took of an actual banana slug. He was making his way through a redwood forest at the time.

The slug in my drawing is exotic. Not only because of his size, but because of the polka-dots all over him. But if you were a 330 lb. slug you would probably would have a few spots all over you as well.

Keep your comments out of the gutter, but what do you think?

In other news: We're still in the Ashland Hospital. My wife's recovery is moving along slowly. We should be heading home tomorrow.


Joe said...

Nice, actually I didn't think any thing nasty right off the bat...I actually shared a laugh with some of my co-workers and Yes I think I would really like a picture made. I will get you the two pictures of the characters and feel free to blow it out of proportion. I have to wait a few weeks until I get my next pay check so I can get you the fifty dollars. Yeah my buddy and I hated Deep Space 9 as well and he is an original series addict, I prefer next generation because I wasn't around for Kirk. Oh and putting up a link isn't hard at all, when you are in your blog up at the top you should see customize, click it and then click add an element on the right, then find the one that has the list option and just put in the address to any website you can create links to anything.


Alex said...

Hi! Got this link from Dawn's blog... we're moving back to the PacNW soon, and I'm hoping to find people that I can chat with to convince my hubby that it's not the end of the world (he doesn't like rain). Love what I've seen so far -- my son will LOVE your drawings... maybe I'll get some new *fridge-art* out of this!!

Hope your wife is doing okay -- I had surgery this week, too, and recovery can be so not-fun.

Thanks for sharing your writing AND your art!


Dawn said...

Thanks for putting Raffi's song "Banana Slug" in my head!
And very funny cartoon! I like the old man peaking around the paper!

Deborah said...

This is a FABULOUS drawing, even though I thoroughly DETEST slugs. Eeeww! The slug licking the gardener...EEEWW! I'll be scratching for HOURS!

Sarah W. said...

I thought the picture was funny, even if the slug looked a bit on the creepy side. I happened across this site while looking for pics for a college presentation on Banana Slugs. Thanks for the posting, I got a laugh out of it. I hope your wife is better now.