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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Barb On The Fence

Say hello to Barb. She contacted me a little while ago and asked me to create a caricature for her. She said that she would like me to draw her standing by (not on) a picket fence. She also request that I add Daylilies to her drawing. It's interesting to see all the different scenarios that people come up with for their illustration.

I had fun looking up photographs of Daylilies on the web to help me know how to draw them. After she saw the caricature, Barb said that I sure knew my Daylilies well. The truth is that I think I created some new breeds of flowers here. The same goes for the butterflies.

You can find Barb's blog here. She says that she is having it redesigned so that she can include this illustration, and that to happen in the near future.

One thing I learned while working with Barb: When people send you a head shot, don't turn around and ask for a full body photograph. People tend to balk at that kind of request.

My apologies Barb, and thank you for using me for your cartoon needs.


peach said...

cool drawing! it will make her blog look great

the O'Neills said...

Rick, Saw you visited my blog. Nice to meet you. LOVE YOUR BLOG. I love that God gave some people an artistic talent so I can decorate. If it had to come from me, then it would be finger painting/bubble painting/water color painting/ or my recent favorite pine tree branch painting the kids have completed at school or stick figures that I have created. I have NO ART in my body. My husband does, though. He likes to draw funny looking faces.

I will be back!

Kristy said...

oh i love this one! the butterflies and the little blue bird, how cute! you did great like always. the flowers are beautiful too by the way. i love your work. i can't wait till its my turn! :)

Rachel said...

So beautiful!!
You are truly gifted.

Grandmother Goddess of the Garden said...

Hi Rick!

Yes, you were the first to post a comment on my new blog...probably the first to view it! Thanks for taking the time to visit and comment. I love Brookings! I hope you and yours fared the storms well! I'll be back to your blog...I like what I see and love what you did for Dawn's!

Andrea said...

Great job!! I love that fence and the flowers!! It looks so girly! I love it!!

Lynette said...

Your talent makes me nauseous, but in a good kind of way.

Andrea said...

This is a great caricature! Do you charge for these things? If so, we need to know prices, hon!

And I nearly choked on my coffee at the full-body-shot statement. :)

Lucille said...

Once again I stand in awe of your talent. I'd also be interested in what your $$$ is. Maybe you should post something since a lot of us admire your work!



Trinity said...

oh wow! Rick, you are really talented! Thank you for finding me and leave me comment... I love your blog..

Stimey said...

I checked out a bunch of your posts and drawings. Not being an artist myself, it's extremely fascinating to read about the thought process that went into your art.

A Woman Who is: said...

Those are some amazing daylilies! I have a link now posted to the artist you admired, just click on his name. Your work is great.
Thanks for stopping by.