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Friday, December 28, 2007

Kristy's Crew

Kristy and family are serving our country over in Germany at the moment. Technically her husband is the one that is serving, but I know the rest of the family is making sacrifices as well.

She wanted an illustration of the whole family as a gift for her husband, and requested a patriotic theme. I suggested that maybe I could try to depict her family at the flag raising on Iwo Jima. But I think she preferred that I tone it down a bit and asked me to draw a draped American flag over the front of the illustration.

Again, I am here to please and this is what I came up with. Cute kids - don't you think?

The F-16 flying over head was something she thought her husband would really like. Below is a photo from Christmas Day. It looks like the baby is thrilled by my talent.

I'm proud to have one of my drawings sitting in Germany. Including Gail's caricature that I mailed to England, (Nov. 24 post) this drawing has traveling further than any of my caricatures so far. I am doing one for a family in Australia soon. Maybe, if I end up doing one for a family of penguins in the Antarctic, that would travel further yet.

Check out Kristy's blog and express your thanks to her and the whole family for helping to secure our freedom.

Thank you Kristy and family for serving our country and for using me for your cartoon needs.

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One Crabapple said...

Congratulations ! You are a very good illustrator !

Happy Holidays !

roseys madhouse said...

That is excellent. Well Done!!!!

Kristy said...

Its beautiful isn't it?!?! I love it and so does the hubby. He took the framed one to work yesterday and his co workers all liked it and wanted to know where he got it. I'll be forwarding them to you. ;) And thats kewl, i'm the farthest so far. Don't I feel special. :D

Anonymous said...

Wow Rick your arm must be on fire now. This could be a new JK Rowling thing for you???? It's really amazing that only a year ago you were pottering around twiddling your thumbs!!

Maybe you need one of those maps on your page to show where all your work is going?


Anonymous said...

Rick what time did you post the last comment on my blog??????
It is only 8.45am here so I'd guess it's the middle of the night??? Please tell me you aren't going to bed because you are snowed under unfinished drawings?

captain corky said...

Very cool! I like your art work.

Anonymous said...

Amazing as usual!

peach said...

Love it and absolutely love that you are international! Big BIG BIG things are coming to you i think!
Hugs Peach

Jay Cam said...

i like the F-16
it makes the picture lively!

One Wacky Mom said...

Hi Rick!
I just linked into your blog...how fascinating to find you! What a cool blog...I'm going to venture back here because I just back from Manhattan and a wonderful trip with #1 and #3.

I love what you do...and how talented you are! I'm going to put you on my side bar...how cool are you?

Candace said...

I love this drawing! I love the colors! I like how dad is behind the family "protecting them." Very nice. The little kid waving is cute! :)

"Parsifal" said...

Nice pictures! And cute kids :)
Regards from Finland.