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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Nicole's Network

How does one illustrate a large family where each member has their own special interest? Simple, you draw each family member doing their own thing.

That's the idea that Nicole came up with when she contacted me about creating an illustration of her family. She sent me oodles of pictures of her family and then described to me what each family enjoyed doing best. Dad, the musician in the middle, Nicole scrap booking (there are so many of you "scrappers" out there), daughter that is a ballerina, a karate freak, and an American Idol wanna be. Then there is one son that is obsessed with video games (according to Mom), the 2 year old that is into everything, and then the oldest son (photo not shown) apparently has something on his mind - and it ain't collecting baseball cards (also according to Mom).

The thing that strikes me about Nicole's network are the EYES!! Big blue eyes everywhere you go in that family. How is that possible? In my family all three of the girls have different eye color - blue, green, and brown. (Mine are red at the moment.)

This drawing was yet another Christmas gift for an unsuspecting husband. Nicole said, "He stared at the drawing for like 15 minutes, just going over and over it. He was kind of laughing the whole time. Then he asked me if I drew it? Duh!!!! He really liked it"!

Check out the whole Christmas scene at Nicole's house by going to My Three Brats. With a name like that the blog has got to be interesting.


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Karla said...

Wow, I've missed a LOT here! Lurv all the drawings as usual, and will have to be sure to comment!
How awesome that you're international.
Happy New Year - KR

ps Liked the red eyes comment ;o)

Karla said...

btw - was I the first comment? Oh, never mind!

Nicole P. said...

Oh hey, that's us!!! Thanks again Rick for doing this. You are very talented. My husband has been talking about getting you to do another one of him and his best friend. And I might get you to do one of my dad. But I'll get in touch with your when we are ready.

Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorites! It's just too fun to look at!

Anonymous said...

Rick, just another quick note. This is a small world, we spent our Christmas in Duncanville, TX! Our oldest and only married daughter lives there. She headed off to Bible school in Dallas and ended up married to a wonderful guy from Duncanville.

Princess Extraordinaire said...

Love the drawing - what a neat present!

Ruth said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your drawings!!

Casdok said...


Michelle Hix said...

Phenomenal! You never cease to amaze me.

Candace said...

Love this one! I really like the part of nicole holding the scissors! I'm going to ignore that little "scrapper" comment..:)

Nice job!

Mary said...

That's a great family drawing! My daughters all have big blue eyes too - they look like triplets. Sort of. Triplets born in different years.

Brandi said...

Neat picture. I think the whole thing is in your post. I kept trying to figure out who was not mentioned if the one boy was not pictured. I went to Nicole's site and the picture looked the same.