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Friday, December 21, 2007

Dad On A Trike

Candace wanted me to draw her Dad on his '90 Honda Gold Wing trike. If you've read much of my blog, you have discovered that I am a Harley man (guy, boy, male - you choose). Some of the two wheel riders don't have a whole lot of nice things to say about trikes. Not me! One look at this photo and you can tell that this machine is a beast.

Candace says, "He just bought this bike about a month ago and it's his baby!" Some baby! I figured that it came out of the womb roaring. Actually, those Gold Wings are very quiet machines. They'll sneak up on you - if you let them. In this caricature the law is not letting him get by. I hope that Dad has a good lawyer.

I "cheated" on this illustration a bit. Previously, I have drawn bikes freehand. Doing it that way usually involves a lot of time lightly sketching the machine before I get it right. But this trike is so complicated looking that I had to purchase some carbon paper to tracing it out before I set it down in pen. (If you don't know what carbon paper is then you're too young to be up this late reading this blog. Go to bed.) The carbon paper worked like a charm and saved me tons of time.

Candace says that she is going to post this drawing on her blog after Christmas. She doesn't want to risk him seeing the drawing before hand. So you get to see it here first. But go ahead and visit her blog now - she a crafty lady and I'm sure you'll enjoy some of her creations.

And oh! There is no truth to the rumor that the pig in the illustration is symbolic of the Harley, Hog Riding, crowd. My fellow HD riders would never forgive me if that were true. "Wink, Wink"

Update: Candace wrote and said, "Just wanted to drop you a note to say that Daddy loved his drawing! Thank you! I added it to my blog!" Go check it out.


Nicole P. said...

Very cool Rick. She sent me a message the other day telling me that she got it and loved it.

**"Liza"** said...

Thanks for the vsit Rick..yeah i doubt she'll be but we never know..she might be a bit better than her older sister..;) thanks for the visit..;)

Zhu said...

I like your caricatures! It's probably not that easy with just a picture, so good job!

I like the colors you use...

peach said...

love the bike! hope its not my son chasing him LOL.... mail went out today maybe delivery will be tomorrow or monday... i am very excited i showed hubby hes impressed!

Karla said...

Love the drawings.
A Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Candace said...

Thanks for the drawing Rick! My dad is going to love this!

And to all who hasn't gotten a drawing yet, you should! Rick Rocks!

Merry Christmas!

Smitty76 said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Rick. :-) Great picture! You've got talent!I love caricatures (and yes, I know what carbon paper is LOL). I'll be back soon to read some more!

Kalynne Pudner said...

Thanks for stopping by, Rick...and I have to say now I'm especially glad I didn't try to reproduce my "cartoon" illustrations to that Christmas verse. I would have been mortified for their stick-figuredness to be seen by someone of your talent!

I really enjoyed your Battle Bob strip, by the way. If you're ever in Alabama, you're more than welcome to play with our abundant supply of loud toys that shoot lasers.

Shellie said...

Keep on doodling in 2008! Love the Oregon shots! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Mabunny said...

Hiyas Rick!!

Just wanted to say a quick hi and Merry Christmas. Loving your blog and I did take one of your photos for my desktop, its absolutely beautiful.
Hope you have a blessed 2008:))


Anonymous said...

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