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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Jan!!!

She can have her cake, but she can't eat it too.
Today is my sister Jan's birthday. How old is she? Well, I can tell you that she's not five! Really I don't know, and I don't care to know. All I know is that she was born on Friday the 13th and that's when the tradition of it being an unlucky day started.

Actually, Jan knows that I love her, despite her deficiencies. She is the last of six children born into the home of Bob & Jo Green. Of the six, she is the only one born in Texas. The rest of us being Okies, have yet to forgive her for that.

(I'm the one with the cheesy grin down front on the left. Jan is in her mother's arms - the big baby.)

I'm hoping that after reading this post YOU, my blogging friends, will leave a birthday greeting to my baby sister. I will be happy to make sure that she sees it.

Happy birthday Jan!! And forget what I said about running home after school the day Mom and Dad brought you home from the hospital - not a bit of truth to that. (Y.A.T-H.).

P.S. Feel free to pass this little drawing on to your birthday-having friends.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jan. As a sister who has 3 older brothers I feel your pain, hehe.

Love the cake cartoon. I can't wait to make a birthday card for my future son-in-law. I will be sure to give all ALL the credit.

You continue to amaze me!

Brenda said...

Happy Birthday Jan!! Hope you have a great day!

The cartoon is cute. If you'd ever like for me to post one on my blog with a blurb about you I'd be happy. You have great talent

Maddy said...

Ahh, brotherly love.
Best wishes

This is my calling card or link"Whittereronautism"until blogger comments get themselves sorted out.

peach said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU JAN!!!! hope your day is the most awesome ever! Love the cake brother rick drew for you its cute as all of his art! thanks for permission to use it on our blogs too my daughter loves your art work !
Hugs Peach

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday to Jan!

Deb in OPKS said...

Happy Birthday Jan. I've been told that only those that love you pick on you so much. :) I'm the middle of 5 with a brother and sister on each side. No one forgets my birthday because as a kid I ran around chanting it all year long. "April 8 19*8" Nope, not sharing the year but I always thought it had a nice ring to it! My older brother still teases me about it.

Rick, thanks for the reminder, it's my best friend's birthday today. Got to send her an e-mail. (or is it the 15th) Oh well, maybe I'll be early.


palette48 said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Love the cartoon and your picture reminds me of my husband when he was a little boy. Same jacket and bow tie!

curtisleefarmer said...

Happy Birthday Cousin Jan! :) Don't let Rick get to you, and make sure you swing by Portland the next time you're in the NW. (That goes for all of you Greens!)

Rick, I've been enjoying getting to see some of your great artwork on this site. It's been really fun to visit each day!


Sassy Lucy said...

Thanks for posting on my blogroll, love it!!! I will be adding you soon and visiting regularly...I love Dawn's graphic, always have...you are very talented!!!

Tammy said...

Happy Birthday Jan! No matter what your brother may say, I can tell that he really loves you. Hope you have a great day!

KellyJean said...

hApPy bIrThDaY jAn!!!

So... what kinda dirt you got on your brother?

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Jan!!! Awesome cake! How unluky to be born on Friday the 13th!

Stacie said...

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Jan
Happy birthday to you.

BetteJo said...

Happy Birthday Jan! I have 2 big brothers who picked on me unmercifully - and as an adult - I suppose I like them now. :) The fact remains that no matter how many birthdays I have they will ALWAYS be OLDER than me!
Hope you enjoy your day!

Nanette said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAN! (Everything's bigger in Texas, right? ha)

Thanks for stopping by Rick. :) I love your caricatures--I'll keep you in mind in the event I would like one of the kids. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jan from 'over the pond' as you say over there.

Hope you had a lovely day.

Rick - you are such a tease, you know she'll get you back one day!


Rick said...

Aunt Jan, this is your favorite niece Andrea. Happy birthday! I love you.

roseys madhouse said...

happy birthday Jan hope you had a great day