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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Laura's Joy Rides

Let the Christmas posting begin.

Laura (aka:"Peach") was the last person to place a Christmas order with me. Since she was willing to pay the extra postage I put her on my list, just hoping that I would be able to get her request completed on time. I've had several people order illustrations from me, and I was a bit worried that I could get all the drawings shipped before Christmas. She sent word yesterday that the the package had arrived. I thought, "Ahhh!! Mission complete!"

Laura requested two illustrations. One of herself with her daughter, who is apparently just now entering into the driver's license age, and a second drawing of her son.

Below is the first drawing. Now if this illustration was of me and one of MY daughters the expressions would be reserved. My daughter would be the one with the carefree, joyful expression, and I would have the look of dire panic. (There are stories that I could tell.) But this is the way Laura wanted it, and I am here to please.

One of the challenges of this particular illustratiion is the change of expression on "Baby Peach's" face. Most often, when I get a photo, the expression you send me is pretty much the expression you get on your drawing. Here, I had to create the look of panic on her face. I think it turned out fairly well.

And now the caricature is of Laura's son - a member of the law enforcement community in town.

I think that I almost got carried away on this particular illustration. I kept adding stuff to it, but I really liked how it turned out. When I showed it to co-worker she remarked with surprise that I had drawn a police office shooting a gun out a car window. I pointed out to her it was just a cartoon, and was never meant to be a reflection of reality. Besides, the guy has crashed through two barriers while jumping over a fallen bridge - hardly normal police behavior. Someone suggested that the two drawings together created a chase scene. I had not thought of that.

Here is a photo that Laura sent me showing the happy results on Christmas morning. She wrote me this morning and said, "Well they LOVE them, they were very surprised."

Check out the action on her blog.

Thanks Laura for using me for your cartoon needs. Drive safely and keep the rubber side down - as they say.

More Christmas caricatures to come.


peach said...

tooo funny that someone said that the two pics could be one chasing the other as Martha said the very same thing as her first reaction!

Martha especially was ticked as she has been all through your blog and said that one day she woudl love a pic of her done by you!

Cory absolutely loves his and i am sure before the week is over it will be seen by the entire force and who knows you may get more requests.

As I told you last night in the Email Dear hubby loves it and today my brother in law came down and he absolutely was amazed!

I am sure anyone who has you draw something for them will be absolutely thrilled with the end results!

thank you so much :-)
Hugs Laura ~peach~

peach said...

tickled sheesh tickled... typo world here...

Stephen said...

Stumbled on by from Dapoppins. Very cool drawings.